Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Once again you’re making things up and don’t blaspheme God.


Republicans silly.


Watch Fox News and you wont need so many links


I’ve made nothing up and can all be found, have fun,watch Fox news and you wont need links


LOL!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Fox News?!?! You’re funny. Now I know you’re doing a bit. Fox News is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for this administration.


Yeah…100% sure you’re making things up.


Now , I know why you need a link, lmao


well, i’ll tell ya, how bout you ask Shaun Hannity, he’ll back up every word ive said and then some, i’m 100% sure of that…


LOL! dude you’re the one making these wild accusations and making ■■■■ up with nothing to prove and/or substantiate your claim. I don’t need a link, but it looks like that you do.


Maybe you should spell his name correctly.


nothing wild about what ive said, and everything ive said is fact, if you need to find out the facts, you need to start watching Fox, or you’ll be blind to the facts and never see the truth,FACT


to see who would be the word police, is this you Sean? lol


LOL! Fox and facts should not share the same sentence…ever. Just keep on believing what Fox tells you and stay misinformed.


LOL, Trump Train WOOT WOOT, need a link?


You mean the pundit side of Fox News. That’s not ‘‘news’’ that unverified opinion a lot of the time, just like the ■■■■ you’re pushing. NOT fact…OPINION. Passed off at times, to the weak minded, as fact. They don’t know the difference. As we are seeing…unless you have an actual, factual link.


Bye, bye…


Democrat acting like a Repub, to make us look like racist, we don’t act like that, its a dead giveaway,
is that you Juzzie?


lol, funny stuff, you have to be a Democrat,




They’re sending us their worst. They’re sending racists, they’re sending sexists.

Some of them, I assume, are good people.