Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Yeah, the media was there taking the pictures (duh).

What makes you think they were clapping and not staff?



10 char:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


And they also suck at the federal teat until they’re bright red.


OK. Since I’m pretty sure you’re the type of person who loooves hearing this: YOU WIN!

If Donald Trump cures cancer, I will shout from the rooftops that he’s the greatest, bigliest president ever. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Isn’t it a little late by the end of a Presidents 2nd term?

Obama was great with corruption.
Who would know better than a Politician that came from
Illinois. Chicago.
Chicago, IL.

His campaign slogan was Change. He was going to bring
new politics to Washington. His new Politicians were people like Hillary
Clinton, and Joe Biden. Change.

Change= Socialism I guess.


It’s not a matter of winning or losing, it’s how the debate takes place.

As long as both sides are getting something out of the Conversation Intellectually,
then we’re all winners.

What does bigliest mean?


I hope I can say that about Trump some day but I’m not holding out a lot of hope.

I don’t see much growth from Trump at all. He’s still trying to bully his way around instead of modifying his art of the deal moves to fit a government environment. He hasn’t figured out that the stakeholders have changed and they’re not all driven by a financial ROI.

And, “Hey”.


what are the steak holders driven by?
When you say steak holders, whom do you mean?

Do you like anything that Trump has done while in office so far?


Stake. Not steak.


No. I’m not Corey Booker.

I love Steak.

Corey Booker would be a worst President than Obama was.

Plus Booker wouldn’t be good for the Radical Conspiracy Theorists
in the Democratic Party. He knows Americans landed on the moon.
He said so, in one of his Radical Rants(RR).
He just shouldn’t mess with the (TT) though. Trump Train. lol.
gatta be cool and hip, so I talk in abbreviations.


Quality of life issues for one.

And they’re stakeholders not steak holders. Two different groups. Although steak holders can be stakeholders. They have definite views apart from financing when it come to getting rid of cows, flatulence or not.

I like border security. Don’t need a sea-to-sea wall.
I’m benefitting from some tax changes. I’d benefit even more if I was really wealthy.
Taking care of vets.
The “business” urgency he brings to the job.
I’m waiting on regulations - not sure what long term effects may be.


Prison reform


Nothing can dissuade you, huh?

Your lack of proof Trumps my lack of proof.

You might try Occam’s razor but I’m afraid you’d hurt yourself.


Trump is 46th out of 45 Presidents.

History will not be kind to Trump.


That too.


One of the best parts about being a Conservative today, is that I wake up
everyday and Donald Trump is still President.

God Bless America!!!


We better git rid of cows, or the world will be gone in 12 years
according to Cortez.

Global Waming is going to kill us all!!! It’s the “Wamest” it’s ever been.

Stupid cows are mainly to blame.


Who are you talking too? That’s just a rhetorical question. At this point, I don’t care.


I was talking to you. It was in response to one of your posts.

Obama and Clinton are both in the top 10 at least of worst presidents
I think.


46 out of 45 isn’t mathematically possible.

Sorry, but I guess he’s your 45th favorite President.