Obama. The Worst President in American History?


My mildly sarcastic point to Bill in PA:

  1. There is NO chance of Trump becoming a great president, therefore;
  2. There is REALLY no chance that he will become another Lincoln, so;
  3. Bill can relax.


Abraham Lincoln’s nickname was “Honest Abe”

Trump is a serial liar.


i wonder, after the ■■■■ hits the fan and Trump or team members or family are sent to prison (and all the movies are made about this most corrupt era in US history) if anyone will believe me when i say that a thread once existed that claimed that Obama was worse than our current Nixon.

i doubt it.


mmmm Cereal.

Honest Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slaves.

Trump is a Republican, that’s going to build the wall.

Both will go down in history as some of the greatest Presidents of all time.


So you’re saying that there is a 0 percent chance that
no matter what Trump does, he won’t be a great President?

There is no chance that I can be Abe Lincoln.
There is no chance that you can be Donald Trump.

It’s humanly impossible for one person to be another person.


Turns out that honesty is so rare in the Republican party that anyone who is, gets the label.


Trump wont even crack the top 10, he is mediocre.


“The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. But that IS the way to bet.”

Yep. 0.0% chance that DJT will ever be regarded by any reputable historian as even a good president, let alone a great one. I’m not saying that one or more of his policies will not find some support.

But history’s judgment of him as a holder of the office? It’s trainwreck all the way, baby.


sometimes I think that if the country were split into two, and
demoncrats took one side of the country and Republicans the other,
and the Democrats had their Socialism run their side,
and Republicans stayed with Capitalism what eat side
would look like in 20 years??

Wait, I know what would happen, the Democrats side would be like
Venezuela, and they would be begging for money, and economic stability
from the Republican side. lmao!


Agreed. He doesn’t even make the top 10.


The Democrat Politicians are the ones that can be trusted.

Wait wait!! Watch the video. What’s even funnier, is that at the end the Liberal
Fake News Media, claps for Slick Willy. hahaha!

I think Billy Clinton is definitely in the top 3 worst of all time President wise.


As exemplified by red states generally taking more from the federal govt than blue states. Oops!


What makes you think that was the media clapping? He brought his staff in with him.


Are most historians Liberals or Conservative?

So since there’s a 0.0% chance, that means that even if Donald J. Trump
cured cancer, that no “reputable historians” would ever consider him a good president.

So there’s a 0.0% chance that even if just one “reputable historian” liked one or
more of his policies that they would consider him a good president,
is what you’re telling me? lol.

Sounds pretty closed minded and Liberally Biased to me.


What do you think about number 11?



So his staff was taking pictures of him?

You can see the flashes behind him, and hear the sound of their



I think he, like all of them, came in very idealistic and got slapped with a dose of reality but quick. I think he got played a bit on the race thing, but recovered quickly.

I think he grew as a man and a President. I think with the exception of obamacare, which is one Roberts, he governed pretty well. I don’t even despise him for DACA - he really had no choice.

I think he grew to be a better than average orator. I think he had a good sense of humor, carried himself pretty well and presented the image of a loving husband and father.

I think at the end of his 2nd term, he was ready to be a great President.


Just like California hu? :wink::wink:

Fiscal Financially responsible States tend to be
bright Red! lol.

Chicago, IL. is the biggest city in America that probably
takes less from the federal government compared to any
other city. lol.


Yeah, the media was there taking the pictures (duh).

What makes you think they were clapping and not staff?



10 char:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: