Obama. The Worst President in American History?


The Democrat Politicians want America to be a full fledged Socialist country.
That is why there are those of us that are fighting against it.

Because Socialism has never worked before in its entirety.
So why would it work for America?


Everything in that post is just all wrong.

That cons cant see that is testament to their total stupidity.


You sure have a good sense of what Democrats want. Very perceptive.


Did you hear? Someone on a conservative media site wrote an op-ed saying Clinton is running in 2020! (kinda, sorta, not really)



No one has studied Democrats more, or knows their secret desires better.


Dude that’s just ******* creepy!


No country has had full fledged Socialism.


Worst? Nah, that distinction will belong to Buchanon for all time. Bottom tier? Yes. He’ll rank with Carter in effectiveness, LBJ and Nixon for corruption (when the dust clears) and the last 2 years of GWB for economics.


Then why do the Democratic Politicians in Washington think that it would
work for America?

And why are they trying to force it upon Americans?


For once someone finally got Buchanon right. Of course you all wrong on the rest, but that’s typical.


For the 832nd time, they don’t and the won’t.


They don’t and aren’t.


Democrats love to proclaim free healthcare and free education. The cornerstone of socialism is selling people that what government offers is free. When government runs out of other peoples money, the con game is up.


So Alexandria’s new green deal, is Capitalism?

I thought that she was a Socialist, and proud of it?

She seems like Bernie Sanders Apprentice.

Why did no Democrats stand at the State of the Union Address, when
Trump said “America will never be a Socialist Country.” and Bernie
Sanders turned red in the face?


Because he was just playing to his base.


Who is Barry?


Can’t they just always print more money and deface the value of the
American Dollar though?


If the Democrat Politicians in Washington don’t want Socialism
then why are so many backing Cortez, and the far Radical left Democratic

The truth is, that over the years most Liberals new that this time would
come. It just took time that’s all. Slowly over the years they would
push America further and further to the left and Socialism, and then
at the last second appeal to the moderates, Libertarians and voters
in the middle of the spectrum ideological wise.

Personally, I think that they’ve gone to far this time.


While this does not address where Obama falls in the views of historians, it is quite clear where Fat ■■■■ Donald lands; BOTTOM 5!!!


That list is suspect.
Although Trump maybe the most incompetent, he’s not worse(yet) than Nixon and Bush-II