Obama. The Worst President in American History?


Donald cares about his children the same way he cares about his wives - they are either extensions of himself (children) or trophies (wives).

You really do consider him to be a great man, don’t you.


Are you seriously so deluded that you actually believe Donald cares about you?


Like Sanctuary Cities that most Dem voters don’t want?


Like the ACA, gay marriage.


You really think that about him, don’t you. That’s crazy that you think,
that he thinks that his children are “extensions” of himself.

I forgot, Liberals have no limitations. The Mainstream media went after Barron time
and time again.

I’m a people watcher. I study body language, emotions, facial expressions. My intuition
has never steered me wrong before.


Does your extensive studies in people watching tell you Donald cares about you?


Owe yeah gay marriage.

That’s the thing where Obama and the Democrats enjoy taking the Constitutional
rights away from the states. Right?

Didn’t he use what was that thing called? An Executive Order?
Tell me, why is it ok for Obama to use I dunno how many Executive Orders to destroy our Amendments, and yet it’s the end of the World if Trump even mentions it?


You enjoy asking questions don’t you?

Democrats on this site are like the energizer bunny of questions.

Democrats have taught me to go with what I “feel” on certain things. lol.

I’m not going as far as thinking I’m biologically younger than what I really am,
or thinking I’m biologically black, simply because I feel that I am, but than again
not everyone can be Rachel Dozer, and that other guy on that dating site.

I “feel” that Donald cares about the America People yes. I’m an America citizen,
are you? You’re not here illegally are you? Do you live in a Sanctuary city?

I don’t think that I’ve seen one person alive hated as much as Donald Trump is
by the far Left. They really despise him with a passion. As a Conservative, it’s
one of the most wonderful things that I’ve ever seen in my entire life, that the Democratic Party is imploding upon itself.


This reads like bad beat poetry.

It’s laughable that you think that Clinton and Obama aren’t as equally reviled as Donald. You truly have a myopic view of the world, and anything that challenges it either upsets you terribly or doesn’t compute.


I always thought that the Democrats loved the Clintons and Obama?
If you actually had read what I had posted, then you possibly would
have had a reply that made sense? Possibly. lol.

you vote for the Party that looks and acts like Robots.


Sorry no right to discriminate. For the same reason its ok when trump does it yet it’s the end of the World when Obama does it.


Uuuum ***?
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I think that there’s an echo in here.
Originality my friend is a good thing. :wink::wink::wink:


You guys hated it when Obama used EO but love trumps.


Yours is a dizzying intellect. You win the argument. lol.


Because several of Obama’s were illegal, and overthrowing the Constitution.


Except they weren’t.


Thank you!
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Do you blindly worship whatever Democratic Politician that the
Mainstream media tells you to?


Are you under the impression that Donald was an active father with his kids as they were growing up?


Yes. To what degree, I have no clue.
How about you?

Do you think that Most Liberal Democratic Rich Politicians are active parents
in their kids lives growing up?