Obama. The Worst President in American History?


If I didn’t know any better I would think you were doing a bit right now, but unfortunately I know you’re dead serious.

Care about people??? The only person he cares about is himself and what people think of him.
This current shutdown is a contradiction that he don’t give a damn about people. We know the only reason why he did this is because Rush, Laura, Ann and the one who will not be named got on his case. Since those guys are his pseudo advisors and he get his marching orders from them he’s not thinking about people, he’s thinking about getting reelected at the expense of some of the people he’s supposed to care about.

Since I’m equal opportunity get cha, congress don’t care about people either.

Promises? Let’s talk about this wall. That whole idea is BS and wasn’t even meant to be in the first place.

However, what does this have to do with his morals?


Force field I couldn’t have said it better of course with these extreme lefties facts have no meaning, Oh one other thing he gave Iran 150billion of our tax dollars so they can continue to sponsor the killers of our troop and even admitted as much.


no he didn’t. it was Iranian money that was being held under sanctions, it was not US tax dollars.

there’s plenty to criticize without using false talking points.


Then why was it in American money delivered on pallets in an American plane. What you think Iran had a big safety deposit box?


What part of it was American dollars being held don’t you understand. :roll_eyes:


What are you talking about?


The sanction funds being returned.


Do you understand that almost all foreign autocrats and crooks prefer to keep their money in US dollars. Much safer than Iranian dinars or Russian rubles.

The “pile of cash on a pallet” was carefully tested as a phrase to wind up patriotic Americans – but no US assets were used.

Most of us see the value in the US dollar being the most prized currency around the world although there are disadvantages. For instance, in Uganda at times I have had to use fresh and locally printed US $10 bills that were a distinctive shared of blue.

Most of the right wing seems to think the gold standard would be preferable and with Trump’s isolationism who knows… maybe we’ll see a conservative rush into the ruble… Stranger things have happened.


Bottom line tax payers money for his Islamic terrorist brothers


You can continue to live in your fantasy world if you like and you can have your own opinion just not you own facts


It was money impounded during sanctions.



  1. seize and take legal custody of

They were returning money they had taken custody of.


That’s exactly what I was going to tell you. :wink:


the facts are that it was money seized from Iran. It wasn’t US tax payer money or US owned money to begin with.

those are the facts and they are easily verified.


It was tax money Obama use an illegal act by not going through the Congress, so yes it was tax payer money.


Let me guess, you heard this on talk radio.


Let me guess you don’t care that it is used to kill our troops… even you hero John Kerry admitted it would probably be used for terrorist activities. So if you know this what possible motivation could you have?


So now you’re just slinging meaningless ■■■■■

At least you’re admitting it was their own money. And the truth shall set you free.


Admitted no such thing, maybe dead servicemen and women are meaningless to you, maybe blatant lawbreaking is meaningless to you or enabling terriorist meaningless to you, that my dear is what separates conservatives from liberals


The ugly truth is that most of the real Terrorists in this country are
the Democratic Politicians.


Really… Who has been shooting up mosques or who shot up that synagogue in Pittsburg?