Obama. The Worst President in American History?


So who does pay for all of the Illegal aliens healthcare then?


Well he was better than both Bush’s and LBJ who were all by the way from Texas and better than anything California did or will ever produce


Almost Doubling the National debt from 11 to 19 trillion anyone can do.

Coming from a corrupt state of Illinois and promising Change, and new Politics?

The only new politics he brought to Washington was to help America become more
of a Socialist type nation.


All that plus he has never been invested by the FBI for being a Russian asset. Boo!


I’m just counting on seeing an Obama or Hillary thread from here on out. Trump is in too much trouble.


Obama or Hillary Thread?


Don’t know, but its not obamacare.


I thought that Obamacare was free healthcare for all though?

The Taxpayers pay for Obamacare. Therefore, Americans are left to fit
Socialism aka Obamacare.


Well you thought wrong.


If you had to take a guess. Where do you think that the Democratic Politicians
are getting the money to pay for Obamacare?

Any guess?


Whatever funding is needed is derived from taxes, which doesn’t negate the fact that obamacare is not free healthcare.


So you agree with me that it does come from taxes.
Which legal American hard working citizens pay into.

Do illegal immigrants and refugees normally pay into taxes?




Yes you think that illegal immigrants and refugees pay taxes?


Can you do some research and advise me which two-term Presidents didn’t double the debt in the last 50 years?



1 Trillion is 999billion plus(+) 1billion.

8 Trillion is a lot more money than past Presidents have ever spent.

We’ll see how much Trump Spends, and how much he makes back for the American
economy, and he’ll do it, while he’s still in office. That way, Democrat Politicians can’t
take credit for it. Just like Obama and the current Democrats are trying to take credit
for Trumps success.


Because as we all know, every four years the American economy grinds to screeching halt, parameters are reset to zero, there’s a shift change, and we crank that bad boy back up again.



Which is true of every other two term president. You must have been really pissed at Reagan who almost tripled the debt. Are you?

I suggest you get used to disappointment.


That’s the great thing about Trump! I’ve been use to Politicians on both sides of the
spectrum always letting me down and the American people down.

But now that Trump is President, he’s sorta restored my faith in politics again.
Nobody but him could have done that. lol. But seriously though, he has.
At least more so, than anyone before him politician wise in general.


When trump is arrested for tax evasion and money laundering just think about what his life will have been…

Cheating people out of money
Using people’s hate to make more money
Cheating on his wives and girlfriends and families
Verbally attacking anyone that crosses him
Being as unChrist like as a person can be

It will be nice seeing a person like that go down.