Obama. The Worst President in American History?

Will Barrack Insane Obama go down as the worst President in American History?

Think about this; Obamacare and all of the promises that it broke to
American citizens, and how it’s pushing this country further and further to the
fart Left and Socialism.

Almost doubling the national debt. We went from 11 trillion to 19 trillion.

Going on the apology tour. NATO, not making other countries pay the same amount,
supporting the myth of global warming and forcing it on others, and the list goes on.

The Uranium 1 deal. NATO, Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, Corrupting the FBI.

Allowing open borders. Anarchy, Socialism.


You forgot NATO.

I think I know everything, but the one thing I must have is that Obama is the worst president in history. Donald Trump is the best president, and I’m sure of that because he turns around everything Obama has done. Trump is like Jesus, and Obama is like the Great Depression. According to him, no one likes Obama. Obama has entered into an agreement with Russia. Fake news.


You said NATO twice. The second time cancels out the first.

You should add a third time or delete one.


I don’t have the edit option yet.

I empathize, brother. I don’t have it either.

When Donald Trump doubles the debt it’s because debt is good. Nobody knows how to work with debt like Donald Trump. Believe me.

1 trillion is a lot more than 5 billion for a wall.


A googleplex is bigger than a billion.

How would you define your political leanings?

It’d be cool if everyone on the forum did a political compass test.


Sargon of Akkad just did one on his channel. I think we should too.

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5 Brazilians is bigger.

Now, when Congress calls you, don’t get stuck, just start confessin’ and pass the buck
The Kludd blames the Klaxon, the Klaxon blames the Kleagle, the Kleagle blames the Grand Imperial Eagle
The Eagle blames the Wizard, the Wizard blames the Dragon, the Dragon takes the blame, but he’s just braggin’


It’s also a lot more corrupt! lol

Why do you care?

is that a question for me?

My straight up answer: Because Trump is the worst president in our history, Obama cannot be the worst president in our history–because that position is occupied by Trump . . . and two people can’t occupy the same space–well, not without destroying each other.

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So what are the reasons why Obama is worst than Trump?

I’ve stated many above? What are yours, other than that you hate Trump?


When did NATO membership become so important to trump supporters? This was never the case a couple of years back, what changed? Do you have an idea?

I don’t think that Obama is worse than Trump.