Obama”No serious person out there believes you can rig an election...”


Lame deflection. If a lack of any proof vote totals were affected means the whole thing is a waste of time, then the millions spent on the investigation have all been thrown down the toilet.

If a lack of success means the whole thing is pointless then it should have been put to bed more than a year ago. Instead democrats keep clinging to the idea some impeachable offense we just haven’t seen yet must be there and Trump is going to be thrown out on his ass any day now.



Altering vote tallies is one way to affect an election and obviously very illegal. This is what Obama was referring to, obviously.

There are many, many other ways to affect and election, many of which are also very illegal.

Don’t be needlessly narrow minded, it makes you look foolish.


I didn’t deflect away from anything. And he didn’t offer any facts to deflect from. And I when asked what he was referring to he said we’d have to ask Hillary, so…


My personal favorite Obama quote on elections:

“Because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s mind about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you are doing the work of our adversaries for them.”


This is precisely why we must never investigate any allegations of election fraud ever.


I don’t think that is what Obama was inferring…at least not when a Democrat loses, but you’d have to ask him to be sure.


I think it was clear what Obama was inferring but that doesn’t prevent people from distorting it.


Oh, I too think it’s clear…sowing the seeds of doubt in our electoral process aids our enemies and undermines our ideals. What else is clear is, ■■■■ all that ■■■■ I just said, Clinton lost.


If people are unable to tell the difference between made up Trump nonsense and actual meddling that’s their problem.


SNL was ripping on Obama constantly, just like they do with pretty much every president and their administration.


There is a difference between friendly ribbing and hate filled sarcasm.


And super gay too. Right?


Because obviously Trump colluded with Russia in order to swing the election his way. We KNOW this to be fact, because the left told…and surely they wouldn’t sow the seeds of doubt in our electoral process.


No kidding. Don Jr never met with the Russians to get dirt on Clinton. Roger Stone never talked to anyone about hacked emails. Carter Page never was in Moscow meeting Russian officials. Michale Flynn never talked about sanctions with Russian diplomats.

Mind you, all of the above is what the Trump administration was telling us until their lies fell apart.


Well, Obama should have said ‘hack’ instead of ‘rig’ from that sentence.


Yes, because the DNC and Hillary would never do such a thing, right?


According to his college friends, his biographer, newsweek magazine and larry sinclair.


Justin Bueber lost like 3MM in what they call the rapture-instagram deleted a ton of fake followers.


It’s ok, I heard he took it back today.


Or didn’t not take it back, or something.