Obama gave Iran billions after they paid the Taliban to kill Americans

It does appear the Iranians were killing Americans and yes Obama did give them billions.


That’s Different, it was defended to hell and back at the time by Dem’s.

Unlike the current flap this was a confirmed story as well.

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Groundhogs Day


Didn’t you hear? This is all a hoax,

But Obama!!!

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Desperation is setting in now. Excuses getting weaker and weaker… Backing Trump is such a losing hand.


= caught us again


How dare they catch us having a fit over something that we treated as a nothing under Obama.


“catch”. The problem was the iran nuclear deal seemed fairly weak, not that they shouldn’t have done it because Iran did this.

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The Iran deal was garbage. They should have never done it. But are we really going to re-hash and debate something that happened years ago? Just to deflect from the news that is current and poor for Trump? Besides, the people here that are using Obama to deflect all believe the Russia bounty stuff was a complete hoax. No corroboration. Trump said so. Whatever the reason. Hoax!

Sooo … Yeah but … and … whatabout?


This narrative has been debunked over and over and over again

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You mean to tell us this kind of tactic has been in use for centuries? Say it ain’t so! :wink:

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It’s like linear time means nothing.


So recuasse Obama entered a deal with Iran that means its fine for Trump to side with Russia and claim the validated claims that Russia paid to have our soldiers killed is a hoax?

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I disagree with this. The Iran nuclear deal accomplished the goal of restricting the Iran nuclear development effort for a timeframe that could be improved upon in the future.

What the OP is leaving out in order to try to score internet point is the five years of increasing Iranian sanctions that included the Western World.

Pulling out of the deal was so stupid that the administration tried to argue in April that we never really pulled out of the deal.

I guess it’s amazing for the republicans that they found their own version of Obama to follow in his footsteps.

Found? Or were given?

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I believe we could’ve gotten concessions for them to stop funding terrorist organizations across the ME. We held massive leverage and kept the negotiations too narrow.

But it’s all fairly pointless now given what has since transpired. And the chances of getting them back to a position of negotiating is probably an impossibility now.