Obama endorses Biden for President

Video of the announcement:

Good news for Biden, right?

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You can’t tell, but he’s smiling.

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now that Biden and Obama and Bernie have formed an alliance (and we still haven’t seen the numbers of Americans that Donald Trump killed with his slow action) it’s pretty much over.

the voters will rid our country of the Republican corruption in our White House.


So every death is on Trump? Cool.

This video just makes me want Obama back.


You have a lot of trust in those who deliberately lied to you about Trump colluding with Russians, why is that?

And when he chooses a VP, even more so. I am hoping for Harris or Klobachar, either of whom would be in a strong position to take the reins in 2024.


…and “we” all know President Trump’s questioning of why this hasn’t happened yet…in the last 48 hours…has nothing to do with this…amirite? :sunglasses:

I wonder if Biden even remembers who Obama is. :sunglasses:



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2008 He remembers him as Barak America:

Is this one of those threads where libs go all in on their choice only to deny it when they lose?
I remember many hillary Clinton threads back in the day.

You’re probably more likely to see the Trump supporters deny ever supporting him sooner.

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after all other democrats are eliminated, obama had a clear choice: Trump or Biden

Going by experience, no democrat here has ever supported any of the democratic nominees in the past several elections.

Well that’s just plain false. I absolutely supported Hillary in 2016.

And do you see any Democrats denying supporting Obama?

Good one. He has only grown much much worse since then.

No but they should.

So you just made up your claim. Got it.