Obama and Bush separated children....Dems didn't care

The best way to tell how fake the outrage is over separating parents and children at the border is the fact that the last two admins did it too. Yet, dem were not full of croc tears when Obama did it.

The law is from 1997, Gosh who was president then and Bush Modified it in 2008.

This article will show you children in govt facilities separated from their parents during Obama.

Also, this one explains it’s nothing new.

“The Obama administration, the Bush administration all separated families. They absolutely did. Their rate was less than ours but they absolutely did do this. This is not new,” Nielsen told reporters during an unexpected appearance at the White House briefing Monday evening

And now dems want Trump to act like a dictator. LMAO twice. Because an EO is raw executive power. Pretty sure last week, dems were all ginned up about Trump being an “authoritarian”. Now they want him to ignore laws and issue an EO. He would get sued if he did…

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You keep getting your rear end handed to you in the other threads when you make these claims so you opened a new thread? Replying to your own thread? LMAO…

He doesn’t need an EO to end it, just more TV style drama but whatever… If it ends the separation, go for it…

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You’ll believe basically anything, won’t you.

The orange idiot is about to cave, how does the OP feel about this?

How many times does Trump have to run you guys through the ringer…lol!

Obama separated families. Dems didn’t care until the TV told them too. They will believe anything.

Where’s the dems bill ending it?..

It was stupid every other time the op blamed Obama. It still is

Where is the damn wall that Mexico is paying for?

Read your own article for once.

Prior to Trump’s zero tolerance policy, the only family units that would be broken up were those when the parent-child relationship could not be confirmed or when a child was at risk in the company of the adult. However, now all adults who illegally entered the country between ports of entry rather than at a border checkpoint are being separated from their children in addition to those first two categories that the Obama administration had honored.

They only removed children they felt were in danger or at risk. It happened rarely. Trump removed thousands of children in just two months.

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It is well understood that the LAWS have been in-place, but they were not followed in breaking apart families because it is INHUMANE.

Everyone knows the laws need to be changed, that is the point, and no one is buying the “we are just following the law” and anecdotal “see they did it once too!” defense.

You just confirmed I was right…LMAO!

Then where’s the new law?

Trump took a inhumane law that was not being followed and put it into overdrive. Period.

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You guys just won’t give up.

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And now you want him to be a dictator and ignore the law, right?

Keep watching the news, by the end of the week either one will be signed or executive action will modify the policy.

Trump didn’t sign the law, Bill Clinton did…

That seems to be fine for a multitude of other issues that Trump went the last 2 years signing executive orders for?

Or are we back to 2015 and ODS, and you forgot it is 2018?