Obama admits He was wrong about Trump!

You do realize that half of news is simply by it’s headlines correct?
As an objective Conservative I simply hope that any of you, and all of you reading this right now will only do me this one favor? I beg of you! and I plead with you! Even though as Americans, and as a American myself, I constantly think as a single person my idea doesn’t matter, because most politicians are corrupt no matter what side they’re on, without us voting, and our opinions they have no power! Watch the newsies. So I guess I just wonder what the American people think about political correctness? because weather you’re a Democrat or Republican, I think that both parties may agree that is out of control? Mainly because the even though it is brought on by Democrats, no matter what it is, a party isn’t going to accept anything that they have done.

both parties are corrupt, it’s simply to what degree

For some reason, no matter what time of day it is people on this website seem to wish to destroy my threads by posting over them immediately! For this I’m very curious about, and wish to know more about? Weather they’re Democrats or Republicans, and I do know wish to know why, but have never gotten an answer. I guess that the average Joe’s(or the normal man’s opions) don’t really count amongst people with political power. I’m all for respecting Conservatives in power, and possibly even some Republicans, but not If they’re not willing to accept the average persons voice??? For this, I will always fight for!!! so for now I wil say blah blah blah

You get ten or more people, divide them into two groups and you will find some level of corruption or dishonesty in both.

Republicans used to have a moral advantage in that regard but in electing Trump they burnt that hill and it may take decades of dedicated effort to get it back.

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I’d say more religious than moral. From a D side, I think D’s are more committed to helping the underprivileged than R’s (what would Jesus do?) which is why I think D’s have the edge on moral. R’s are definitely more religious, but religion doesn’t always translate into good deeds.

Newsies is an entertaining movie and I agree more people should watch it. Second half drags a little IMO and all the great songs are in the first half.

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The Dems are committed to helping the underprivileged with other peoples money, or they simply just print money. The people who earned it themselves, but not the Dems want to freely give hard working peoples money away. I’m curious about socialism with Bernie Sanders though??? Isn’t part of Socialism where everyone is equal and everything or most things are always shared? If the dems are supposedly all for the underprivileged, than why don’t they give half or more of their assets and money? I’m sure they have millions of dollars each. They constantly try and attack the Republicans for being fat rich old guys supposedly, when they’re simply the exact same thing. Why this isn’t pointed out more so in the Conservative media, I don’t know?