O.C. federal judge dismisses Newport Beach doctor's indictment due to trial suspensions

I am from California and took pre-law when I was in college. Then I moved to Texas. In California I was use to the fact that you could represent yourself in any court for any crime. But in Texas you had to have a lawyer when facing a judge. I had to go to court and so I needed a lawyer. I opened up the yellow pages and discovered that the Austin Attorneys section was about a third of the whole yellow pages

I lived in California for a bunch of years, up until I started law school three years ago.

4 years in SF, then 4 in Oakland.

Born in SF and raised in San Jose until I moved to Austin in 1988. And my friends wondered why I moved (it was a job transfer) until they visited and saw what the cost of living was outside of the Bay Area.
I hoped you enjoyed your time in the Bay Area.

I did. I miss the weather and the view. I had forgotten about humidity.

The whole time I was there, I kept thinking that I missed East Coast “real weather”.

Turns out I didn’t. DC is literally a swamp.

I looked this up. It sounds very interesting. So many various organizations that require legal council.

I took classes on Voting Rights Law, Campaign finance law, and lobbying law.

Its not an easy field to break into, though.

I was in DC once in August. Did a tour of the capitol and figured I would walk down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House. I think I made it about three blocks before I got a cab. It was about the most humidly I had ever experienced.

Why is that? Is it very competitive?

Yeah, it’s bad.

The weather just broke for the summer - we’re finally getting cooler weather.

It’s a very small field.

There are a lot more couples getting divorced, or guys getting hit by snowplows than there are people running for office who can afford lawyers.

You mentioned that your wife is a nurse. Has she been treating folks with Covid?

Decent weather here in North Carolina. I live up just below the top of a 3,200 foot high ridge. The piedmont just to the southeast and east of me ranges from about 1,000 to 1,400 feet. In the summer, it makes all the difference. It gets hot and uncomfortable up at my place some days. But when I drive down to Mount Airy, uncomfortable changes to downright miserable humidity.

The one bad thing is that we do get socked in with some truly thick fog here, visibility down to less than 100 feet.

Next year, probably will go back to spending summers in Pennsylvania.

Did you feel any effects of the storms this summer where you live?

She works in the post-partum ward - new moms and their new babies - so she doesn’t see COVID patients regularly, but she’s had a few. Probably less than 10, total.

We have gotten heavy rains from post tropical remnants, but that is about it.

I miss the mountains. I even miss fog.

Good for her. And I hope that both of you stay healthy. Years ago my Dad had some serious health problems. And I hated to go see him in the hospital. And when I got depressed I would go to the maternity floor. It was a happy place and made me feel better.


Truckers don’t miss it when they are going up or down the hill at Fancy Gap.


I grew up in NYC, but my whole family went north for the summer every year - both my parents were teachers, so we all had the same summer break.

We still have the house in Vermont. Someday I want to retire there, but my wife will take some convincing.