O.C. federal judge dismisses Newport Beach doctor's indictment due to trial suspensions

Correct decision. Covid or not, defendants have an ironclad Constitutional right to a speedy trial. The Judge dismissed the indictment with prejudice, meaning it cannot be refiled.

Ironically, the Judge in this case vented most of his anger at the Chief Judge of his District, who has kept a complete ban on jury proceedings in place.

So we may see a whole line of defendants walk free shortly.

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That sounds like the right decision.

I have read how many school districts were listing the costs of making school facilities safer for the students and staff. But I didn’t see anything in the article about what it would take to have trials there. Or what steps other Federal office buildings had taken.
And while I think the decision was correct, the description of the Doctor is pretty bad. I hope he realizes that he dodged a bullet and knock off the volume of pain killers.

I am fairly confident that he has already lost his license and will never practice medicine again.

Can they do that? He was not convicted of a crime.


His license is current and active, but he has a current complaint pending before the California Medical Board.

Yes, I believe they can.

That is what I saw when I googled - but it was a story from 3 years ago, so I assumed it had been resolved by now.

Medical Board action is a civil proceeding, he need not be convicted of a crime to have his license revoked. They merely need to conclude that he engaged in malpractice or abusive behavior.

I know that I could theoretically be disbarred (after I am admitted, of course) without committing a crime, and I know that my wife could lose her nursing license without committing a crime, so I assumed it would be similar for doctors.

Well it appears that they had enough evidence to haul his ass into court. It is worrisome that after all these years about pain killer abuse that it still seems that there are a butt load of doctors out there over prescribing.

My financial consultant who works for a bank told me that he would lose his job if he missed one mortgage payment. He was involved in a nasty divorce and went to the bank vice president to see if it would affect his job. They said no, but he worried about it every day.

What type of law to you practice, if I might ask?

There’s a whole class in law school just on the ethical rules for being a lawyer, as well as a required exam (separate from the Bar).

I don’t, yet. Just got my JD in May, won’t take the Bar until February.

I have a leg up on government contracts work, but I’m not sure what I want to do - or even if I want to practice law.

Congrats on getting your JD. And good luck with the Bar.
What do you want to do with your career?

I’ve already had a few careers. I’m not sure yet what’s next.

My last career was in electoral politics, and I’m definitely interested in political law stuff. Maybe thats what I’ll do.

I went to high school with a guy who I met up with right after he passed the California Bar.
I asked him what he was going to do and he told me that he was going to do divorce law because that was where the best money was.

The California Bar is supposedly the hardest. But divorce law is certainly low-impact/high return.

The real money is in BigLaw. But I didn’t have the grades for it, or really any interest at all.

My brother-in-law’s brother is a state AG and his plate has been pretty full filing suits against the federal government for many things. He has eyes on running for governor in the future.

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State AG is a classic stepping-stone to Governor. Worked for Spitzer and Cuomo.