NYT Says: Mitch McConnel said he would Vote to Impeachment of Trump. Mitch says it's a Lie


Hannity just reported ha called McConnel & he said NYT is lying.

Well he didn’t actually, but there have been leaks that he won’t block it.

Doesn’t matter if he votes aye anyway, if he releases the GOP caucus to what they hilariously call “voting your conscience,” Trump is done anyway.

Kennedy on Fox just said McConnel said he would vote to impeach

Be careful of sources…lot of people are intentionally trying to drive a wedge right now.

Now having said that…if Mitch did he just slit himself.

Because I believe Trump policies will be a driving force in coming years.

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Seema the GOP has decided to commit political suicide. We will never forget this & there is a huge primary in the future of every republican who does this.

Why wouldn’t he? The party is fracturing and government destabilized. Wait what info comes out over just the next few days, not to mention weeks and months.

Yeah Mitch is in big trouble, in six years you can primary him in the election he’s not going to be part of.



He just won’t be senate leader ever again…

Wait a minute, Kennedy the MTV VJ from the mid 90s? Please tell me that’s who you mean.

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You guys already cost him that. Lol


The former VJ on MTV.

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Get. The. ■■■■■ Out. She’s on Fox? Who red-pilled her? Kurt Loder?

You guys?

She was always a Republican.

Henry Rollins used to do a bit about it.

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Yes that’s her, she was gleeful about it.

She’s been there for some time now. Back bencher.

Yeah this ridiculous attempt to overturn an election you lost cost Republicans the Senate. Convinced enough people the system was rigged they didn’t come out to vote. Excellent work.

Well far be it from me to doubt some lady who introduced music videos when I was thirteen and I still didn’t find particularly attractive but

The only hot one was the lady whose last name looked like it was pronounced like a sneeze.