NYT accuse trump of accounting and bank fraud

NYT issued a story about Trump dealing with Deutsche Bank in which they claim they loaned him over 2 billion $$ and he lied about his net-worth and assets.

Deutsche Bank reportedly loaned more than $2 billion to President Trump over multiple decades while he was a real estate developer.

The New York Times reported Monday, based on interviews with more than 20 bank officials, that the bank repeatedly loaned money to Trump despite multiple business-related “red flags.”

The report, which details the history between Trump and the bank, comes as congressional committees and the New York attorney general are investigating Trump’s financial ties to the bank.

In attempting to secure loans from the bank, Trump often exaggerated his wealth, according to the Times.

So that whole he is worth 3 billion cant be trusted at all… he is a man built on lies and his supporters eat it up…


I’d bet good money that this is why Individual 1 is hiding his tax returns from the public.


How many times will they print this story?

…and of course, there’s a whole slew to choose from.

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I know, it’s as if the President of the United States’s involvment in shady affairs is news or something. Crazy, right?

But he’s putting in judges and #MAGA, so it’s all good!

How many times will you say drip drip drip…

"Fraud is generally defined in the law as an intentional misrepresentation of material existing fact made by one person to another with knowledge of its falsity and for the purpose of inducing the other person to act, and upon which the other person relies with resulting injury or damage. "

Now, for the NYTs article:

“When Trump was trying to get a loan from the bank to build a skyscraper in Chicago, he reportedly said his net worth was $3 billion. The bank, however, reportedly concluded that he was worth about $788 million.
But the bank still agreed in 2005 to lend Trump more than $500 million for the project, a decision that was made after Trump used flights on his private plane in an attempt to woo the bankers, according to the Times.”

Are you beginning to see a problem with that allegation of fraud?


wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

You want to try again with out the worst cherry picking ive ever seen on the internet that would get you laughed out of any court room.


and upon which the other person relies with resulting injury or damage. "

The left is having problems with the meaning of the word “and” tonight.

The referenced Hill article doesn’t have that problem. They never use the word “fraud”. They just say it is alleged he over represented the value of his assets.

No…you seem to be having issue with the word fraud…its very simple…

You are attempting to change the word here and argue something nobody is interested in…

Representing assets at a greater value than the bank is an entirely different thing than committing legal fraud. The thread title use of “fraud” is hardly an accident.

Are you beginning to see a problem with that allegation of fraud?

…said the blind man in the room.

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Lol…you trying here…lol…dont waste my time with your nothings.

You’re right.

The implication of the Times story isn’t fraud.

It’s that a very shady bank got into bed with a very shady real estate developer multiple times over the course of a decade.

I was on this story in 2016 but of course was told multiple times by many Trump supporters that “it’s no big deal…we’ve had rich Presidents before”.

This does not hold an ounce of water. Was there no injury or damage. Yes, perhaps, if the only parties were DB and DJT… one defrauding the other. But in repeated instances, the two worked in concert to sell securities that performed extraordinarily poorly, and worked together when no other bank would support DJT’s efforts in the market. This conspiracy produced injury to the bondholders. Your and is satisfied as soon as you consider all the parties to the transaction.

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Lets say your right and its not fraud, it still makes Trump an incredibly unethical man with little to no integrity. Not that his supporters mind.

I’m shocked that the man who lies about literally everything also lied about his net worth.

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Wait - what??? Trump was less than honest about something???

Excuse me for a moment - I’ve got to deal with all the shock and dismay from this totally unexpected news…

Ok, I’m over it…

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Thankfully there are now two Congressional investigations into Deutsch Bank relationship with Donald and the NYS AG.

I also heard (don’t recall where) that after months of non cooperation by Deutsch Bank, they are cooperating fully with investigators.

And the most hysterical thing is Donny’s fanboys think it’s all about Mueller’s investigation and his report.

The poor Trumplings are in for a surprise.

Trump says I’m worth 3 billion.

Bank does it’s due dilligance and say no your worth 800 million.

Trump says can I still get the loan even though you say I’m worht 800 million.

Bank. Sure here you go.

Where is the fraud? Bank according to the quoted part did it’s due dilligence and KNEW what they believed his net worth was and still gave a loan.