NYC will not light the 9/11 lights this year to prevent COVID spread

COVID might get spread among the workers setting up the lights. :roll_eyes:

As a worker who does this kind of thing for a living, and who has friends who have worked on that very installation in the past, I have no problem with them skipping a year over safety concerns.


Some people did some thing. Time to move on.

I agree. The reward is not worth the risk.


Weird that anyone who thinks this pandemic is a fuss about anything would still think 9/11 has any relevance.

3,000 dead vs 170,000.

Covid-19 has killed more and is more of a threat than any terrorist attack has been.

Now I await the mandatory cries of Covid-19 has been exaggerated, its a globalist plot by left wing radicals backed by soros to fundamentally change america etc etc etc


How many people does it take to set up the flood lights & turn them on and can’t they those people be tested and wear masks? I think it’s just another NY and NYC Democrat Disgrace.

A lot.

The answer is a lot.

^^^^^^ this guy has made a living at setting up lights since the age 16^^^^^^


How many?

It takes 10 days and at least 30-40 technicians to set up.

It’s 88 separate floodlights, each of which must be leveled and aimed individually, and by hand.


I would imagine a small army.

Let BLM and Antifa set up the lights.

They gather in large groups and seem to be immune catching or spreading COVID.

This is a stupid idea.

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It is also important to note that since 2009 or so, the “Tribute in Light” is not put on by the city, but by the September 11th Memorial and Museum.


True. But the need for whataboutism is so very strong.

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Apparently, the concept of sarcasm escapes you.

You should stick to posting memes

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A lot.

Last time I saw the specs of what they actually do they were using PRG Bad Boy spots which are moving head lights.

Each one of those weighs like 160 pounds.

The power consumption on those are not too bad. At 220v they take less than 10 amps each but you still have to run feeder cable to the generators and each run of 100’ 2/0 is 100 pounds. There are five wires per run. And I have no idea how close they can park the generator.

There is also the question of DMX control, because they are moving heads and the placement of the control board. I also don’t know that distance, but it could be hundreds of feet away.

There is also rain protection to take into account.

So by the end of the day we are talking like nearly a ton of gear that needs to be taken off of trucks and installed i we the course of a few days … they focus and test the lights on Sept 10th… and have a crew there to sit all night and babysit a generator and the equipment in case something goes wrong.

It takes quite a few people to simply set up lights.

What I find amusing though is the people who get upset by this and the liberal mayor, when it has nothing to do with the mayor and do not take into consideration the safety of the labor installing something that they will likely not see this year anyway.


I would avoid sarcasm if I were you.


I think they have moved onto using moving heads to focus them a while ago.

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Who would have a problem with this ?

Talk about something being unessential. Yeah, obviously we should skip this.

You still didn’t give me a number but it really doesn’t matter because I still think its a NY & NYC Democrat disgrace because there are “a lot” of violent anarchists running wild in the streets without much concern for health or physical “safety”. :roll_eyes: