NYC trigger puffs creates $250k fine calling someone and illegal alien

I am assuming someone can still be called a fat pos or any other vulgar demeaning phrase but it looks like being and illegal alien has its protection perks up there with the trans proper pronoun groups.

They give hypotheticals but as the article points out you can be fined 250k for calling someone and illegal alien in a demeaning way. I live in a very liberal city but NYC and San Fran has a way to take the craziness to volume 11 in which other cities can’t match.

“A commission outlined the ways discrimination can be based on someone’s “actual or perceived ‘alienage and citizenship status,’ and ‘national origin.’”

Perceived alienage?

Yes this is dumb.

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Left this part out.

also ban discrimination against someone based on their English proficiency and threats to call immigration authorities on someone “based on a discriminatory motive.” These violations can result in fines up to $250,000.

As provided in the article examples of what could get you in trouble.

  • A landlord threatens to call US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement if an Indian immigrant family complains in housing court, after they find mold and cockroaches in their unit.
  • A hotel prohibiting its housekeepers from speaking another language because it would “offend” guests.

What if…call someone an “illegal alien drinking a17oz Coke”? Then…wouldn’t the negative times a negative equate into a positive and keep you from being fined in crazytown, USA? :sunglasses:

Saw this headline on my social media the other day. Started to get steamed, then read the article and it’s a nothingburger.

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I don’t think it’s exactly nice to tell people what language to speak but a $250,000 fine? Banning words and offensive terms can go bad quick. Being a butthead was protected under the first amendment or at least I had thought.

Harassment isn’t protected speech.

Going to be hilarious to see the first case work it’s way up through the courts and the massive civil rights case and settlement from the city that follows.

No such thing as a slippery slope.

I mean, have none of the city attorney’s ever read Brandenberg v Ohio?

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good thing the law has nothing to do with speech and have everything to do with harassment and blackmail.

Did you even red the article?

New York City has banned the term “illegal alien” when used “with intent to demean, humiliate or harass a person,” the city said.

It is specifically addressing speech.
Harassment and blackmail are already illegal.

Yes it has to everything to do with free speech if they are banning terms and the city is determining how and when a person can use it.

they are not banning the term, Jezcoe explain it already.

And you seem to have left this part out.

A store owner tells two people speaking Thai to “speak English” or “go back to your country.”

This law has no possibility of surviving in the courts and the city is looking at millions in losses in civil rights actions if they try to implement it.

killing people is already illegal yet we have hate crime laws.

Which only goes to show the stupidity of hate crime laws.

If you get life in prison or the death penalty for committing a murder what exactly is a “hate crimes” designation going to do to change the outcome.