NYC nitwits get what they deserve: Newly elected DA, Alvin Bragg, will stop most criminal prosecutions

You can provide all the definitions you want, but they’re meaningless when you Libs not only refuse to arrest them, let them out of jail and cheer them on. THATS why we’re seeing record number of murders. And thanks to the idiot Lib DAs, mayors and governors you guys keep electing, I’m betting records will be broken again this year too.


I never thought “Escape from New York” would actually be emulated…

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Yo! I am not upset my friend!

I am happy to see NYC nitwits who voted for a Socialist Revolutionary, may now be beaten and stripped of their possessions, while those who commit such crimes will get a slap on the wrist.

New York City nitwit voters deserve everything that is coming their way.


New York City socialist revolutionaries are counting on America’s Fifth Column media [MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC.], and their Yellow Journalists, to delude the American people.

So for anyone who has actually read the memo, what are your thoughts? I know there is a serious issue going on right now with Rikers.

Some things I like, such as focusing less on petty crime, and more on violent crimes. But others I don’t particularly agree with, especially with the reduction of charges on robberies and burglaries.

Why do you think these changes will change the rate of commercial burglary? My reading of the memo is that basically misdemeanors will be offered diversion and that incarceration can still be sought in cases of repeated violations.

I would assume like most people they are smart enough to know that not all democrats are the same nor agree on the same policies and that they should look into the candidates before voting.

What makes Bragg a “Socialist Revolutionary”?

Define “slap on the wrist”.

Have you read the actual memo?

I think its seems reasonable. Repeat offenders can still be incarcerated. And its not like its permanent. If after a period of time it appears to be causing higher rates of crime it can be reversed. I’m in favor of anything that keeps non-violent non-repeat offenders out of jail, especially youth.

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Because a 17 yo brain is just as well developed as an adult brain. We protect the girls from doing stupid crap and forego prosecution for crimes they commit because of grooming adults but yeah let’s put the boys under the jail….

Twenty years of dropping crime rates and yet crime is not slowing down eh.

Talk about an alternate reality.

Yeah… only a few more years till full maturity. A few more murders, a few more carjackings, a few more thuggery crimes. Sure after all the justice system is there to protect these thugs … to hell with their future victims.

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The recidivism rate for murder is the lowest of any crime and that’s not because they are under the jail. This takes into account those who are free.

Again we protect women from being groomed but not men. These boys ain’t picking up a glock at their local 7/11.

I guess a one strike policy is the way you guys really want to go eh?

His campaign was funded by George Soros, the king of the socialist revolutionary movement, with a $ 1 million check.


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Again with the boogeyman.

How many strikes does it take for rape and carjacking in NYC before a young thug is taken off the streets? The new memo suggests… they never will be taken off the streets.

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So progs like socialist boogeymen. What else is new.

According to the actual memo the case will be removed to family court unless the circumstances are especially heinous. It’s right there in the memo. Again they are dumb as door knobs at 17. We should take there things into consideration. One size fits all shouldn’t be applied to vaccines but should be applied to all “young thugs?”

I think you might live in or near the city. Good luck to you and your family.

So your ideology is automatically that of your donors regardless of your own opinions?

And besides that, what makes Soros a Socialist Revolutionary?

I live in a part of the City. Thanks. I made it through the early 90s when most of the country thought the whole city was on fire. Then I made it through 2020 when the country thought the whole city was on fire. I think we will be ok.

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Your label does not change the truth.