NYC Mayoral race

I do like Garcia. She did emergency management for the city and used to run the Sanitation department.

She actually knows how the city works.

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Don’t need yet another rich guy buying the mayor’s office.

First , he’s not that rich; second, what about the actual ideas he has about governing i.e. policy ?

I don’t think that he has it in him to run the city, I just don’t see it.

He would end up like another DiBlasio.

That’s fair. I’ll defer to you since I don’t live there and you do

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He’s just off base a lot of the time- like when he tweeted a photo of the dog he gave away on National Dog Day.

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I am in another group :face_with_raised_eyebrow:with an “AM radio sewage” category- and boy, does Sliwa belong there. And yet, it’s been his career for 40 years.

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Yeah, that, the bodega debacle, moving upstate during COVID.

He quickly developed an out of touch with New York image that I can’t imagine he could recover from.

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YES she is awesome. But now, because of this weird ranked voting, she has aligned herself with Yang. I don’t even fully understand the benefit- did they promise each other high ranking appointments if either one wins?

I spent the pandemic in Maine. It is also where my wife is most of the time… I had no idea how long the nonsense would go on ( only packed winter clothes) and I am not running for mayor… So I guess I am good.

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you are good.


20 or so years ago, I used to listen to Curtis and Kuby every morning. It wasn’t terrible, at least back then.

But I was definitely always on Ron Kuby’s side.

It isn’t that she “aligned” herself with Yang… she explicitly said she is going after Yang voter’s #2 picks.

I thought that was pretty funny.

Rank Choice is going to change how people campaign. I think we will see more of that if it spreads more

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You’re fine, I would have done similar, had the option been available.

But he was already running for Mayor at the time, I think.

I seriously left thinking that I would be back in a couple of weeks. A month tops.

Boy oh boy was I naive.

Yeah, this is truth.

I worked on a city race in San Francisco back in 2012 - their first year of RCV.

No one knew what was going on, and no one expected the winner, although in retrospect we should have seen it earlier.

Kuby made it bearable. He was so funny- and Curtis was the perfect foil. I wonder what he is up to?

They had a show, up until 2017. Curtis and Kuby in the afternoon. ABC fired Kuby in 2017, and kept Sliwa - who still has the show.

I know- I was a fan.


I don’t know what Ron Kuby’s been up to, since then - what do you after a career as a famous civil rights lawyer, and a second as a AM radio host?

I think I saw his name in connection to a podcast, a while ago.