NYC Mayoral race

Just curious if anyone has been following this and what your thoughts are?

I haven’t followed it that closely, but from the little I have read and heard it looks like Adams could win this.

According to the polls I have seen the tough on crime candidate will likely win not the defund the police candidate among rising crime, go figure.

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Former NYPD captain Eric Adams still holds a substantial lead in the mayoral race, as safety continues to be the most important issue to about half of Democratic primary voters, according to a new poll.

^^^^^^^^^^ don’t tell me there’s still some sanity in NYC ^^^^^^^^^^^


Eric Adams is clown shoes, but he’s probably going to win.

At least he’s not Yang.

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That would be shocking huh! :man_shrugging:

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NYC is as liberal/progressive as you get, and I would assume largely think and/or agree politically as you would. Why would they like Adams then?

Watch Curtis win.

What NYC really needs is a mayor with a red beret.

I would not describe myself as either liberal or progressive.

Adams is a “liberal/progressive”. So are most, if not all of the other candidates.

I’m holding out hope for Paperboy Love Prince. He’s got a better shot than Mr. Sliwa.


I think it’s hard to predict the ramifications of ranked voting, but yes- Adams seems very popular. There are a few other solid people running- people who have been successful public servants for years (I am thinking Garcia and Stringer). IDK why anyone would vote for Yang. Ran for POTUS, now mayor- what’s next?

I was for Paperboy Love Prince for mayor all the way.

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It’s beginning to look like I’ll be returning to NYC sooner than I thought - possibly as soon as this summer.

Gotta get back in the game.

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Sliwa is a clown

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Garcia was my first choice… going for the technocrat who knows the nitty gritty of how the city actually operates.

As long as it isn’t Yang… I don’t think that anyone really likes the guy.

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He was the “guest of honor” at some event I went to, when I was maybe 12. I have no idea what the event was, but even then I knew he was a clown.

I used to listen to him and Kuby on the radio, though. It wasn’t a terrible show.

And his primary opponent, Mateo, is running ads calling Sliwa a Never Trumper. It is a clown show for the GOP race.

The only reason that I am registered a Democrat is because the primary election that I voted in today is the only vote where I really get a voice.

All other elections I am drowned out… so I vote third party.

Which of the candidates isn’t?

Yang will disappear into memory soon enough.

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There’s a scale of clown shoes.

I like Yang; what’s wrong with Yang ?