NYC Ban On The Sale Of Fur

Hate it. It’s cruel.

Me too, but it’s illegal to buy or sell that here.

You killed your dogs?

Personally I think it looks better on the cat. :wink:

Oh BTW…the cat is a she. The problem with them they appear out of nowhere and disappear just as fast. Have big Tom that come around now and then

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sure sounds like it. then he blamed libs for a changing market.

cause, you know, things that were hot items in 1850 are still hot today, right?


Bobcats are awesome; also neat that they are the best “pets” out of all the big cats, if you could call it that.

Not sure about being a pet. They belong in the wild IMO.

Of course. But they are common and people find abandoned litters, so I guess it happens.

What do you guys think happen to all those hunting/bear dogs in Colorado and Washington state when they ban bear hunting with dogs?

You think they were adopted out to families with kids?

I’m guessing there is no single answer; no doubt some found homes.

Thing is…when you tree a bear you can see if it’s a sow with cubs. Then you just leash the dogs and hunt another day.

Without those dogs you can’t get a good look at em.

It’s unintended consequences.

Libs think they’re doing the right thing.

Are they?

Anyway, I don’t know how I feel about fur. Don’t have any desire for it personally, but I certainly like leather.

Leather straps, whips etc. OK maybe a bad joke. :wink:

I would buy a whip, ■■■■ yeah. But I just find it funny when people are “against fur” and have all kinds of leather crap.


Wallets, belts you name it. Animal must die first.

Now which is more humane.

Deer living in wild enjoying his freedom and bam…shot through the heart. Or a cow in barnyard?

Who would you rather be? :wink:

I have a full deer hide outfit with a beaver jacket and hat its currently on loan to the local museum.

“Those damn liberals! They said I cant kill this animal, so they’re forcing me to kill these other animals that I only had because they helped me kill other animals. Now that I cant do that, they’re useless to me. So I shot them.”


Pics or I don’t believe you. :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t speak of something you know nothing about.

Ever heard the sound of hounds echoing through the valleys on crisp autumn night? or as it bounces off the hill side? If you listen closely you can hear if your friend across the river few miles away is hot on trail of one.

It was way of life that has been destroyed…no regards to culture, traditions, heritage or just plain rural living a the time.

But again it’s something that I don’t expect coastal snobs to understand. :wink: