NYC Ban On The Sale Of Fur

How do folks here feel about banning the sale of fur? Is it a Left vs Right issue or does it blur the lines? I for one am generally OK with sale of fur but I can also understand how some might be opposed.

I realize placing this in politics may be a stretch, so if one of the mods feels it should be moved, please do so.

Doesnt bother me

I live in NYC and I am affected zero by this.

I dont like furs personally, just the look of them seems funny I guess.

My views on animals though, destroying natural populations, poaching, ivory trade and what not, all bad.

Regulated, well managed hunting and fishing is great for animal populations, and provides necessary income to fight the illegal hunters and poachers.

I dont hunt or fish either.

That’s what online sales are for. :wink:

Does this apply to the sale of fly tying materials?

There is a fly tying material shop in NYC?

Yep. Here’s just one:

Urban Angler
381 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016

If you need Arctic Fox zonker strips or beaver dubbing, and you’re in Manhattan, you’re in luck (for now?). :slight_smile:

Well huh… the things I never knew existed.

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Sounds like a satisfactory law. It makes activists feel like they are really doing something great while not actually accomplishing anything.

Aww, that’s cute. They feel like they accomplished something. lol

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Back in mid 70’s they started throwing blood an red paint on those wearing fur. Fur prices and bottom out to just few bucks for coon pellet/hide where I use to get around 40 bucks apiece. Not bad money for em at the time, specially for teenager.

So when the hides became worthless what happen to all those coon dogs? Human society didn’t want them, in fact they refused to take em in.

So what do you do? They were literally eating me out of house and home. Keep in mind we’re not talking about family pets here, black and tan. blueticks eat lot of food.

So I ended up taking them for one last walk in old orchard. One of my saddest days of my teenage years. I may have never forgiven libs for that. Which might explain few things.

Even today when I see a dead coon on side of the road I say well there wasted 40 bucks.

What the hell did I just read?


Man, I’ve seen some personal plights blamed on liberals before, but this one has to top the list.


Why in the world would anyone buy raccoon fur, that is some hillbilly fashion.


It isn’t a matter of “left versus right”.

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Made in your neck of the wood. Made from Canadian raccoon.

Lambskin leather with raccoon trim.


I know its poplular but id rather beaver.