NY video on a vaccine hesitant town

So what. He died of covid.


That is from Feb 2021 to Sep 2021.

That clearly shows who is getting infected and dying from Covid at a much higher rate.

The unvaccinated

Question…did Powell died from Covid?

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Yes. He was also immunocompromised and had cancer.

The deck was stacked against him and he sadly fell into the smaller percentage of people who have been vaccinated and have still died.

I want just the numbers for last month. How many died and how many of those deaths were vaccinated.

What I see is data manipulation.


So it was Covid death.


Data from when vaccinations were rolled out is data manipulation… sure.




So you said:

Then you posted this:

Which clearly shows your claim to be false.

Why are anyone posting the numbers for last month? Think!!!

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Because the thing that you posted didn’t show what you thought it showed and now you have to make up reasons as to why you aren’t wrong?

I should have said last couple months…other then that I stand by my statement.

I’ve posted this three times now:


Look at page nine. Last month the unvaccinated died 9x vaccinated in your state.

OK…and those that have been vaccinated is 8.5 times higher then unvaccinated…and that’s not counting those that already had Covid.

Everyone who is able should get vaccinated.


Your state is currently 65% fully vaccinated. so that is 2x more vaccinated than unvaccinated.

And to truly understand the risk, you have to back up a step.

Look at page five.

You are 5x more likely to get covid if you are unvaccinated.

Then, if you do get it you are 9x more likely to die if you are unvaccinated.

So the real risk of death, unvaccinated/vaccinated is some combination of those odds…which I don’t have the math skills to know…

IOW…the 9x only happens if the vaccinated person is one of the few who get covid.

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Yeah it’s close.

I can easily how one can get confused.


If you squint the lines almost touch

Why is this anecdote important?

Don’t believe it.


Almost 80 percent had at least 1 dose and that’s for everyone over 12.