NY video on a vaccine hesitant town

Video team, explores two of the main reasons the number of Covid cases is soaring once again in the United States: vaccine hesitancy and refusal.

“It’s hard to watch the pandemic drag on as Americans refuse the vaccine in the name of freedom,” he says.

Seeking understanding, Mr. Stockton travels to Mountain Home, Ark., in the Ozarks, a region with galloping contagion and — not unrelated — abysmal vaccination rates.

He finds that a range of feelings and beliefs underpins the low rates — including fear, skepticism and a libertarian strain of defiance.

Chris Green sadly passed away 9 days after filming. He was 53. His parents who were obviously significantly older than him, vaccinated, both survived covid.

90% of the patients with covid in the hospital are unvaccinated.

Very interesting piece talking about a very vaccine hesitant town.

I couldn’t hep but think of all the resources spent - the money, the manpower, the medical supplies - to tend to the unvaccinated people in the hospital there. Had they been vaccinated…

And it brings the question up again - in the middle of a pandemic, do you have the right to put your community at risk, to squander resources and time and effort, when all the can be avoid to pennies.


I call BS. Most of people that are dying have been vaccinated. Notice I said most. The pool of unvaccinated or haven’t gotten covid is pretty small.

2/3rds of Americans are fully vaccinated. Out of 1/3 that isn’t lot of those had already caught covid.

But yet we still had over 2000 deaths yesterday.

How do you know this? Can you provide your source cause I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t just make this up. Thanks.

The CDC has been tracking deaths based on Vaccination status.

That information can be seen here


Numbers and logic.

Take my state for example. 2/3 of all residence have been fully vaccinated…but death toll had reach levels of last holiday season.

Out of those remaining unvaccinated my guess is 25 to 30 percent already had covid. that leaves about 20 percent plus or minus that had no ant-bodies.

This and with better treatment for those that caught covid tells me a different story then what libs are pushing.

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You can post all the ■■■■ from CDC that you want…doesn’t mean jack ■■■■■

Do you have a source for that claim about most people dying are vaccinated?

That’s a lot of guessing on your part. I note you are comparing 2020 holiday season to today. Doesn’t Delta, why is far more contagious, make that comparison faulty?

Natural immunity does not last forever.

Do you have real data? Your claim is not supported by the CDC or other states who track deaths by vaccination status.

Here is your state’s report on cases and deaths by vaccination status.

Death rates 9x higher in unvaccinated vs vaccinated.

Here is some real data for WA state.

Population of 7.615 M
14% are ages 0-11
6.549 M people in WA 12+

72% of people 12+ are fully vaccinated
1.833 M people 12+ in WA are not fully vaccinated

There have been a total of 704k Covid cases in WA. Let’s assume 20% got vaccinated so we can’t double count them. Likely at least 10% were under 12. That means 493k have had Covid (12+) and have some sort of immunity. Mind you, I think this is high.

So that leaves 1.883-0.493 M or 1,399,000 people (12+) in WA who are susceptible to Covid. That’s still a lot of people for Delta to find.

Right now Covid is killing about 50/day in WA. Seems reasonable considering the number of people still at risk.

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No individual is “putting their community at risk” when everyone who is at risk has the option of taking a vaccine. But if you feel they are, how outraged are you at your Biden admin “putting communities at risk” by distributing untested and or covid positive illegal immigrants around the US


I’m not saying vaccinated doesn’t help reduce deaths.

Your link shows 80 percent (which I believe it low when national average is 85 percent) of people over 65 are fully vaccinated.

Also this data is going back to Feb of 2021. I want to know the numbers in last 2 or 3 months.

What data set should we use?

I’m looking at the numbers.

We just had a famous general died due to Covid that was vaccinated.

has to be the 20th time I’ve answered this.

Everyone we encounter at the boarders should be vaccinated before being release in teh US.

Here is current data for your state:

You are 9 times more likely to die if you catch covid and are unvaccinated vs. vaccinated.

He had cancer and Parkinsons.

So what. How does that change anything. All those deaths prior to vaccine counted as covid deaths.


He was also immunocompromised from cancer.