NY GOP Rep Chris Collins Arrested by FBI for Insider Trading


Guess whose transition team he worked on. Go on, guess.

Bungles fans are going to be so upset.

At this rate, the GOP may lose more seats than the Orioles this year, and that would be 100+!



10 char

Read that he talked other Trump scum into investing, and so said scum will get marched into an FBI interview where, as we know, they will lie their asses off. That’s at least 5 years in prison for a group of Trumpists.

If he’s trying to refer to Chris Collinsworth, it was a terrible attempt at humor.

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collinsworth! Thank you. It was an attempt at humor with a similar name, but I legit forgot his “full name”.

I think I saw the name, made a (erroneous) connection and even conflated the links between congressman, receivers (steve largent), and…Well, you get it.

My mistake.

My bad.

bungles fans are still going to be disappointed though.

So will Rat Bird and Clowns fans in the North. Point?

Looking like a NY special election is back on the menu…


Go Steelers! (if I was watching)

Oh ■■■■ it! Go Steelers anyway! (still not watching)

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Of course not, papa Donnie would be upset with you if you watched. :smile:


All good. Penalty declined.

That’s funny considering the Orioles are the MLB equivalent of the Bengals

Oh no! Another Orioles remark. How many is that on the boards now?? And all directed at me.

What should I do?? Is it time to reevaluate my choice in sports teams?? Reconsider the path my life has taken?? Question God and the meaning of our universe?? Take a vow of poverty, abandon my family and walk the earth??

Or just shrug it off and laugh at the fact that you’ve

And my posts are nothing more than laughing at you making fun of Bungles fans while cheering on the Poorioles.

:joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :grin:

You in the Nati??

Apparently, Congressman Collins talked to his son with the insider info from, get this, the White House.

These guys are crazy, crazy swampish and enormously entitled.

And, to keep riffing on the “■■■ were you thinking” motif, I love this from the indictment:

on Friday, June 23, 2017, at approximately 3:12 PM, CAMERON a 5:05 minute call to CHRISTOPHER COLLINS. While the two were still on the phone, CAMERON COLLINS
placed an online order with his broker to sell approximately
50,000 shares of Innate."


These folks are acting out on the projections they place on others, they are so far up their own butts that they believe this is the way business is done.