Nunes to submit criminal referals over DOJ investigation of Trump

I like to use liberal left wing media as a source so the libbies won’t cry “but it’s fox”.

However in the first three pages of search returns, not a single lib source has it (a whole bunch of independent one’s and conservative leaning one’s do.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said Thursday that he’s ready to submit criminal referrals to the Justice DepartmentOpens a New Window., and accused the FBI and DOJ of making false claims while investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 electionOpens a New Window..

Will the liberals be in favor of criminal investigations of the way things went down? Or will they now start screaming “witch hunt!”

Could get interesting if he does send the criminal referals off to DOJ and they do start investigating.

Tried searching CNN, CBSNEWS, NBCNEWS and MSNBC and nothing on it. In the searches on google even someplace called 24-7sports had the story up.

We need investigations to make sure laws weren’t broken.

Fine with this… given Nunez propensity for drama, I wouldn’t expect much from these referrals…

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Uh huh…guy has blown smoke for 3 years

He needed to wag the dog somehow. Anything to quit DevinNunes_cow.


Didn’t he used to chair this committee? I wonder what they did when he was in charge. Why didn’t he make the referrals then.

More interested when specific referrals with specific facts.

Didn’t want to obstruct Muellers investigation. Liberals would have had a field day. Report it out, Muellers investigation is done.

Maybe Schiff will finally be able to show all that evidence he claims to have.

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This guy is a known liar, right?

At the very least, he lies to those who swallow his lies. I don’t swallow them.

I think he’s lying, again. To the people who swallow.

Why would this obstruct Mueller. He says he’s referring people (or person, he’s unclear) that lied to his committee. What part of that was Mueller investigating?

Yeah, he probably is lying. But hell, that never stopped a good investigation before. Personally, I look forward to another few years of speculation and muttering about treasonous treachery and nefarious traitors…it’s good for the country.

Yeah I was going to start a thread on this but duo to circumstances of deflecting/derailment why bother.

But I’m glad you brought it up. This first batch will have multiple referrals on a number of different crimes which had to do with lying to congress.

From my understand their will be multiple more in coming months dealing with other crimes…but also from prior conversation they’re waiting on IG report. But lying to congress is something he can do right now.

They will come from my understanding…this one has to do with lying to congress. They’re still waiting on IG and of course the senate will investigate…but again I’m done with that BS. Time for criminal referrals unless the senate ( Graham ) is going to concentrate on FISA abuse.

I hope Barr is a hard nosed AG for exposing the truth…what ever it is and where ever it leads?

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Just curious. Did Ninny Nunes ever do this?

Looks like it’s being handled the proper way. He has only said he had 8 referals being sent to the DOJ for investigation. He didn’t name who they were, or the specific charges to investigate. DOJ hasn’t announced they have the refereals (as it should be). If nothing comes of it, no names dragged through the mud (as it should be) no trial in public opinion (as it should be).

I think Nunes is just jacking the audience. It’s a Republican Media thing.

"Criminal referrals are ill-defined requests for investigation that don’t carry any official weight with prosecutors, except in rare circumstances. Officials on various House investigative committees described the process as a loose, informal request that prosecutors typically treat as glorified press releases. They only matter, committee officials emphasized, if lawmakers have exclusive evidence to back it up — such as a confidential interview transcript or documents obtained during a congressional investigation.

Apart from this unwritten process, the House has no formal mechanism to refer anyone for criminal investigation except through a contempt proceeding, which would require a vote of the full chamber."

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And no risk to anyone having to admit they (yet again) believed Nunes’ complete and utter ■■■■■■■■■


This should be fun…