Nunes retiring from Congress to become CEO of Trump's media venture

Seems to me that #45 plans to get this media company going real soon.

How does everyone feel about Nunes being hired?

Well, let’s see how that SEC investigation turns out.

Frankly I don’t give a damn.

He is a FORMER President, emphasis on former.

I don’t know which is worse, the left constantly bringing him up, or some on the right who cannot accept that he lost and push to bring him back.

Personally I wish he would just shut the hell up and do what other former Presidents do, fair into the background.


Resigning to work on Trumps media comoany? Good luck with that.

I can’t think of a personality type less suited to be a CEO.

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That must be one hell of a salary with benefits. Good for him. Maybe he’ll even move out of California. lol

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Degrees in agriculture. Former daily farmer. Yeah, that is the kind of background I want for my CEO of a media company.

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Trump is literally the worse hiring manager ever lol

he lost, and i’ll vote for him again if he runs. that a problem for you?

yeah. because farming doesn’t take any brains…

i heard that somewhere


I have family in both farming and ranching. The ranches and farms have been passed down for many generations. And they have worked hard to streamline and modernize. And every season they risk fluctuation in the market for their goods, the weather and the overhead. They all went to college and got degrees. And I will have to ask them, but I think that all of them will say that there is no way they would want to venture into running a media operation.

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its too late to repair your elitist commentary


I remember when the article about him hiring illegals came out. But until now I didn’t know about these legal actions.

Not trying to repair anything. If I had a media company I wouldn’t hire him because of his background.
But hey, it’s not my company. It will be interesting to see how it all goes.

What does farming have to do with running a media company?

Had no choice. He had to find another job.

He was redistricted in California.


He is also a prospective future president. Do you really think that completing one term as president disqualifies one from ever offering political commentary again? Funny how progressives are so against bondage to tradition except at times when the traditions benefit themselves.

I think Obama, Carter and Bush jettisoned that tradition before the 2020 election.
Now Trump should reinstate it to help Democrats?

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Jesus used a lot of agrarian examples to convey deep wisdom.

Agrarian wisdom is closer to and more apropos to the real organic life of human beings than Silicon Valley algorithms are.

Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that coming.

Hell… Ray Charles saw that coming!

And he is BLIND and DEAD!

He really should get the lawsuit against his cow straightened out first, though