NUNES GOES NUCLEAR: Devin Says Dems ‘HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS’ in Russia Probe | Sean Hannity

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes unloaded on his Democratic colleague Adam Schiff Monday, saying the Democrats “have blood on their hands” and have “completely destroyed” the FBI and the DOJ.

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…they have until the 6th…drip, drip, drip.

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It’s cute how you keep thinking you’ll be eventually proven right.

….and it’s sad that the evidence drips out slowly over this past 2 years indicating that I was right all along.

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Sure it does. Uh huh. If you say so.

What is now being investigated and stonewalled, is what I suspected and stated as such.

Sure. You know these congressional hearings are just political theatre, right? They will act indignant and outraged for a few hours just to keep their supporters hooked on their narrative.

Meanwhile the actual investigation in the IG report last month basically contradicts everything you guys have been saying for two years.

I’ve waited this long and since I’m not in a position of authority, I’ll continue to wait…just like you. The difference between us is that you didn’t and don’t suspect any foul play. What I witnessed, along with you…should have ignited your suspicions IMO but didn’t. It’s good that we’re both on the same side though…attempting to keep each other straight. :sunglasses:

You’ll be waiting a long time. Just like you’re still waiting for your suspicions to be confirmed regarding the last dozen conspiracies.

I’m a fan of Occum’s razor. There’s always a simpler explanation. It doesn’t take back room dealings and secret plans to explain what happened last election.

They are definitely hiding something. The IG report exposed agents taking “gifts” and I’m sure the FBI leadership probably did worse. There has been lots of corruption of this agency in the past two decades, worse then when Hoover was in charge. :open_mouth:

Nunes is an idiot. The only people dumber than him are those that accept what he says blindly.