NUNES GOES NUCLEAR: Devin Says Dems ‘HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS’ in Russia Probe | Sean Hannity

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes unloaded on his Democratic colleague Adam Schiff Monday, saying the Democrats “have blood on their hands” and have “completely destroyed” the FBI and the DOJ.

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Make no mistake. The perpetrator of this “weaponization” of the Justice Dept is none other than than Barack Obama. He’s like a Mafia Don with many layers of subordinates who insulate him from being charged. This is how radical left-wing tyrants operate.

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When Americans realize how dirty and criminal our leadership has become they will call for heads and public hangings. You may think pedovores is a conspiracy theory but the New York PD has seen the videos as well as the DOJ and of course the DOJ leadership is trying their best to hide their participation in it today. (Liberals will still scream “unfair” and still call conservatives names as well blame us for everything they actually did and attack us until the Civil War they engender is over)
Ever notice how many conspiracy theories of the past, today are accepted fact?

I still have not forgotten how the Obama Administration weaponized the IRS against the Conservatives. I know they did. When Obama was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on this issue, his body language and facial expressions along with his denials shows his involvements and guilt. I am near deaf and I am good at reading facial expressions and body language.

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I’m waiting to see them finally get around to Obama and Hillary and the part they played in all this.

Completely agree with all the above! So comforting to hear others thinking what I have been, and yes I can tell there’s an attempted barrier for Obama as well as Clinton’s? I was terrorized for all 8 yrs by his DOJ, bc I applied for a 1 yr contract advertised in Craigslist. They were ruled against at the EEOC on all contentions with case law, but still ruled in their favor. Failed to follow rules & procedures! Refused to attempt mediation that is required by EEOC Code or Statute specific for federal agencies!