Numerous irregulaties, complete recanvas

Biden falls like a rock and Mayor Pete catches fire.

But that is the intended result of the stop the Bern campaign.

NO doubt powerful interests are undermining our democracy, yet no cries to impeach anyone but Trump.

I admire those on the left that can stomach this hypocrisy, some are even proud of it.

Soon they will say Trump attacked Biden so Pete could win and Putin helped.

But Pete leads to a larger question. If Pete wins and identifies as a woman, will he be the first woman elected as president?

IF he wins and stays a man, will his partner be, well what will a male first lady be called.

This is social progress on a grand scale no doubt.

The point of the thread was the corrupt manipulation of our democracy by the left.

The ending of the Op was a precursor to the next momentum stopper on Pete. just a reflection of the story out of Iowa.

why so cynical?

So, elephant in the room time. If Pete ends up being the Dem nominee, will any black voters go to the polls for him?

What brought you to the logical conclusion that he would identify as a woman?

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Hint: The word “if” indicates the absence of a conclusion.

Hope that helps!

I didn’t say he would, i said if he did would he qualify.

you Know given that women do not want to compete with biological men i just wondered if in politics the left was more tolerant.

men and women are equal after all.

WE discuss Trumps sexual affairs why not Pete?

Well this thread is special in its specialness.


Of course.

As Bill Clinton was the first black president, Mayor Pete will be the first woman potus.

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Pete is happily married and does not have any bizarre and depraved sexual affairs like Donald “porn star” Trump or President Personal Vietnam, and unlike Your Boy, he has never gone on Howard Stern radio show to snicker about his spouse’s poop and fart habits.

So there’s that.


We discuss Trump’s degeneracy. Playing around with whores while his wife was pregnant is degeneracy.

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When I thought that specialness couldn’t keep going.

Here is more of the special.

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I would happily discuss The Mayor’s devotion to his husband in contrast with the President’s devotion to his wives.


Hey look the One Conservative Joke.

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First Gentleman. Was discussed ad nauseum last election.

Something tells me finding this answer, wasn’t the point of the OP.

I was told that was all cleansed when the preachers laid hands on him in the oval office.

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You don’t think that was just a charade for TV, do you?

The real question is when will Trump start identifying as a man?


You crossed a line here.

Some of us like our low brow Stern humor.

Had Hillary done a Howard Stern interview while she was running instead of as a follow up…Might have made a difference in the results.

In all candor the fact that Trump would do Stern and be at ease in that environment made him a regular kind of personality.

Might be a good idea for one of the current D field hopefuls to give Bah Bah Booey a call.