Number of GOP Senators to Challenge Electoral Votes is Now at 13 (and counting?)

Ted Cruz is leading a new coalition of Republican Senators who are willing to stand up to the dimocrat fraud and theft.

4 more years! 4 more years!!

8 more years!!

12 more years!!!


May the force be with them.


11 Republican Senators wanting to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election. I remember when former Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer did this back in 2005, and the Democratic Party was accused of being taken over by conspiracy theorists.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas said the effort to delay Bush’s victory was shameful and showed that the Democratic Party is dominated by conspiracy theorists he dubbed the party’s “X-Files” wing.

I can’t believe I actually voted for Ted Cruz in the 2016 primary. The guy has totally lost his moral compass (and his spine - if he ever had one).

This is the time where I can I say … I told you so ;p only took 4 years

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Yep - you were right. Never again. I wouldn’t vote for him as a dog catcher now.

In fact, the circle of GOP people I would vote for at this point is getting extremely small. Right now, I can only name 4 off the top of my head:

  1. Mitt Romney
  2. Ben Sasse
  3. Brian Kemp
  4. Brad Raffensberger

The irony is - I didn’t vote for the last 2 in 2018 because they were kissing up to Trump too much. They have somewhat redeemed themselves in my eyes in the aftermath of this election.


Hey now, the zodiac killer would make a great dogcatcher…

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GOP are shooting themselves in the foot. Produce some evidence!

No time! Keep shooting there are toes still attached!

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Rudy will get right on that. Meeting at the Ritz in an hour!


It will be very interesting to see how this “Trump loyalty test” will work out. The Republican Party could split between those loyal to Trump, and those loyal to the Republican Party.

It might seem like there are more loyal to Trump right now. But that could change quickly.

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This seems like a good time to report this.


No time for evidence. Now is the time for lunatic conspiracy and self promotion!

What was that word the trumpsters liked so much in ‘16 that actually perfectly describes Ted Cruz now?


Oh no that was 2017



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No the party is now split between the rino’s and the conservatives.
This has nothing to do with trump for most conservative voters.
He was just a tool.
There are very few voters who voted for trump the man. They voted for the policies that trump was selling. Trump was smart enough to try and deliver what he promised.
It’s time for the rino’s to make a choice. Either they are a member of the conservative party or they need to move over to the party they really belong to.
This show down has been coming for a long time.
There are more voters that are loyal to the principles of the conservative party than there are to the rino’s. The conservative voters have put up with the rino’s telling them lies for too long.
Trump election was the result of the rino’s selling out the voters to the left for money and power.
Trump was their wake up call.


Trump loyalty 25% in the senate. 75% in the house.


Lot of hand wringing for a commission that cannot be folded post inauguration.


Biden will be President.

12 senators want the elections to have an emergency audit.

Go pound sand.