NRA Pop ups and banners

Am I the only one seeing more and more pop ups and banners inviting me to take an NRA survey? I am sick to the back teeth of seeing this and having this banner thrown at me and seeing Wayne LaPierre face looking out at me? Not sure if i am getting this because I have been looking at buy another gun and been visiting related web sites and am just tagged because of that or is it because of all the bad press they have been getting re Olie North and the TX LT Gov flipping them the bird on stranger to stranger background checks that they are feeling a bit exposed?

Genuine question

I don’t see any ads. No issues here. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks @SixFoot must be targeted because of my shopping browsing habits. Thanks again

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Apologies. I meant to add a bit more than that. I use uBlock Origin because I too grew tired of my browsing habits following me everywhere on the internet in the form of advertisements.

Make no mistake, the network of advertisers watching you shop on places like Amazon are the same advertisers tracking you to this and every other site that engages in these shared networks.

Advertisement funds the internet.

2 Likes is using Pushnami ( for ad targeting…

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I think it’s based on your search history. Ads I’m seeing today are for glasses and flowers.

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Don’t forget googlesyndication and googletagmanager as well.

All Thanks for all the replies it is appreciated. FYI the only reason I posted it on the 2A section was because !. Was not sure what section and 2. It was NRA pop ups.

again many thanks

AdBlock works for me on Chrome.


I am getting these NRA pop ups.

Been shopping for guns or gun related products?


Everyone should be using an ad blocker. Yeah it sucks that people lose out on revenue but thats not my problem.

Ad blockers - it’s like a DVR for your internet. You just skip the commercials. lol


We give up our privacy on the internet where our every inquiry is captured. I’m pretty sure if you did an online gun search that probably triggered the NRA survey popup’s.

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Not me, I go down kicking and screaming the whole way. :rofl: