NRA on the run. (11-8-2018)

Lower profile. not spending cash to promote candidates.

Losing election to gun control advocates.

its really hard to believe they have lost power so quick

Maybe just maybe we have turned the corner.

Lucy McBath GA-06 election is living proof

good going Lucy.


:rofl: Yep! You got 'em. You got the Ore Ida of taters!

To be honest, the NRA reminds me of one of those televangelists that’s always begging for donations because they are on the brink of economic doom, yet always seems to have enough money for the big ticket items. They ain’t going anywhere any time soon.

As for why midterm spending dropped off I’d say it was because they saw which way the political wind was blowing and figured it’d be a waste of money. They’ll save it for a day when it’ll be more effective. They ain’t exactly dumb, you know.

Or saving up for 2020.