NRA falls off the rails!


You can tell how little I care about a topic by how frequently I post in a thread dedicated to that topic.

The person who has the most posts in any thread is usually the person who thinks the topic is not worth their time.


Let us all remember that the NRA supported the California Mulford Act along with then Gov. Reagan because blacks with guns are scary.


And WHOOOOOOSH! That’s WR completely missing the premise of the children’s show.


hey, when you go all in and protect a person or entity you’re gonna make stupid comments. there’s just no way around it.


So did the majority of democrats at the time.

Fortunately the NRA has reformed in the last forty five years after realizing that giving in to gun control could only end badly for gun rights.


You know what’s funny? There was a second female train introduced into the cartoon.

Forgotten Rebecca.

Nobody’s making crazy NRA TV videos about her.


Anyone threatening violence marching around with guns is a threat regardless of race.


They are arguably a threat because of race.


Any yet…here you are complaining about children’s show premises being stupid…lololololol


Again? …


He might think it’s stupid–he’s said so at least three times already in rapid succession–but I no longer believe that he doesn’t care.


And for you, an african train is too much diversity?


By all means cite any post in which I have made such a statement.


NO!!! Really? I’m totally shocked!


She didn’t start a thread about it-she created and dedicated a TV segment to it.


Right. That’s why you suggested Nazis marching could be in a kids cartoon


There were two new trains.

Why the uproar over the African train?

The other train’s name is Rebecca. Show her some respect.

Give her a little uproar, too.

What in the name of all that is holy is Rebecca doing on the show?



I have yet to see a segment of her ranting about her own show.

Provide a link if you can.


Womp Womp…


I suggested no such thing.

I asked if it would be acceptable diversity.