NRA falls off the rails!


Yes. An example of comparing inclusion of Africans to inclusion of Nazis lol


Repetition won’t make it true.


I watched a clip where (presumably) Thomas introduces Nia. I think it’s great. Nia is presented as very much smarter than some stupid European old man train on Sodor.

This will help kids of African descent become more successful in life.


I have a collection of those old cartoons. Collecting cartoons is a hobby. Some of them are really bad. I recall a collection called the Censored Nine or the Censored Eleven or something like that.

During World War 2, newspapers often showed cartoons of Japanese people that made them look simian. Regular cartoons and regular newspapers.

But that was back in microfiche days for an odd research project. The cartoons interested me more than the subject I was supposed to be researching.


It’s odd then that she feels ok with them nominally being able to join her group but is incensed about them being in the Thomas wheelhouse.


What’s odd is your obsession and equating the two.


It’s not my obsession, it’s Dana’s. We don’t have you on record yet, Wildrose. Do you agree or disagree with Dana?


this is all just too good.


Really, I must of somehow missed her starting a thread to whine about it. Can you direct me to it.


She didn’t start a thread. She whined about it on NRA TV, apparently, which presumably has a slightly bigger audience.


You missed the OP where I linked to a story about her TV show where she whined about it?

TV shows take planning. The NRA read about the Thomas plan, created a script, made graphics and dedicated air time to whining about this. I’m sure their overall time spent to produce that segment far surpassed the time I have spent on this thread.

Yet you think I am obsessed? No. I’m just laughing at the NRA. And I knew when I posted this thread that there was a specific individual that inhabits this forum that is incapable of criticizing the NRA and will defend them at all costs and I was curious to see the defense.


she’s not the one whining about the story, you are.


Who else is totally surprised to see the NRA want the KKK represented?


Nobody associated with the NRA made any such statement. Why do you field the need to misrepresent what was stated?


Speaking of cartoons, This thread reads like one.


Yes, he just did.


You’re right. She’s whining about what the Thomas show did.


Of course not…anyone with half a brain and SOME humanity would give that answer. Heck, anyone with half a brain and SOME humanity wouldn’t even think about that being a comparison.


don’t try to be logical.


Did you see her program? She didn’t just whine her way through it; she sounded like she might be insane. You must not have watched it.