NRA falls off the rails!


Please, listen to the wise advice that you gave to another forumer in this thread:

So, what is Thomas supposed to be? Admittedly, sometimes questions can be “horribly difficult,” but what moves on train tracks and looks like a train?

Is it a train or a rock?


Oh my. I had no idea this thread would turn into this. What’s going to happen when the rest of the diversity hating conservative crowd wakes up and starts to contribute?


You were given a straight answer multiple times, you just don’t like the answer.

Take your baiting and ankle biting elsewhere, you’re no longer entertaining.


It is a fact that you didn’t. You hedged a bit, you danced around it, but you could never really answer the question.

Here’s the answer: Thomas is a train.

He’s not a rock or a bunny or a shredded beef burrito. Ask the youngest child you can find within the nearest half mile. He’ll tell you.

He’d probably be confused why you’re asking him. He might just ask, “Have you seen the cartoon?”

Daffy Duck is a duck. Bugs Bunny is a rabbit. Wile E. Coyote is a coyote. And I have no idea what Snuffleupagus is.

Often, they are named by what they are. Thomas is a tank engine, which is a type of locomotive.

Now, can we talk more about why you decided to mention the Hitler youth and neo-Nazis when a female Nigerian train was introduced in this children’s cartoon?


Do you think that Avrgbear thought that his $7 gas thread would became what it did?

Sorry for the comparison to that loony thread, but sometimes threads become something special.

Blame Thomas the Cartoon Character for this one.


Sometimes it’s amazing isnt it


Hey guyz! If we cants haves Nazis in our tv shows then dont ask for blacks in our shows!!! Seriously sounds straight out of the KKK.


i know why…


Because if you do Obama will take our guns


This truly has been the best thread I have ever read on here. Thanks all!


This thread has every ingredient for a comic thread that continues for a thousand posts.


I was just about to post that too lol. It’s a classic in the making.

Nazis and arguing over whether or not trains can talk in real life, because an African character was added to a kids show.


Quit misrepresenting what I’ve said.


me too…


You compared an African to a Nazi in order to promote limitations on diversity inclusion. Its ■■■■■■■ exactly what you said lol.


Aye guyz how come you dont wants serial killers in your kids shows, like Jeffrey Dommer. I thought you wanted diversity!!!


“Stubborn and ardent clinging to one’s opinion is the best proof of stupidity.”

–Michel de Montaigne

At the same time, I have never come across anyone who couldn’t admit that they are wrong.

I’ve been lucky.



I’d like your opinion on if you agree with Dana that adding a female, African train to the Thomas lineup was wrong. We have Dana’s opinion. What about yours?


What I did was demonstrate that everyone has objections to some level of diversity.
This is the exchange I was replying to.

Get over it or don’t, I don’t care.


I have no opinion, I think the whole thing is stupid.