NRA falls off the rails!


Classical projection.


Thank you for this line of thought.

Are you aware that Thomas is a work of fiction?

If the answer is yes, and I’m sure it is, then are you aware that in works of fiction–especially children’s books and shows–sometimes characters that represent animals, machines, and objects in the real world are able to speak, move, dance, sing, and occasionally even do magical things, because they’re works of fiction?

The Tin Man. Daffy Duck. There might be one or two others.

You see, many of us want our children to grow up into adults who retain that imaginative wonder such that, at the very least, they don’t end up stuck on an Internet forum someday arguing that Thomas is an anthropomorphized cartoon character and not a train, even though he moves on train tracks, goes choo choo, and at one point sings, “Look at me, I’m a train.”

So, in this particular work of fiction, is Thomas a rock, a bunny rabbit, a tree, or a train?


That’s a rather long winded diversion.

Where is your example of an actual live, talking rabbit? I must have missed it somewhere.


I cannot express how happy I am with this thread.


Diversity = bad in the minds of many conservatives.

Dana Loesch is part of the intolerant wing of the Republican/conservative party.

Teaching children not to be afraid of the “other” is a good thing, but not for folks like Loesch. They want people to be afraid of the “other”.


Congrats on an utterly baseless and completely false claim.

The ignorance of who are are criticizing is funny as hell, Loesch is mixed races, Cherokee and Irish.

There is no racial component of any kind to conservative ideology or republican orthodoxy, all races and ethnicity are present and welcome in the fold.


So if any cartoon character is simply a cartoon character representing nothing in the real world, which sort of defies the point of anthropomorphization, a term you’ve used in this thread, then Wile E. Coyote could presumably be a ham sandwich, and not a coyote at all, and the Road Runner could be a little old lady in a wheelchair?

Which I understand completely. I mean, a ham sandwich is never going to catch that little old lady.

And when Thomas sings, “Look at me, I’m a train on a track, I’m a train, I’m a train, I’m a trick-a train,” he might actually be a rock in a field?

Maybe Bugs is a duck, and Daffy is a rabbit.


So? Everybody is mixed races.

She’s literally upset about a television show designed for children, trying to be more diverse. What’s the problem with that? She clearly has a problem with making things more ethnically diverse. I mean, that’s the point.


No, everybody is not mixed race, to make such a claim is utterly baseless and without any foundation in fact.

You’re just repeating mindless rants without even bothering to read the material being discuses.


I’ll ask you again. Please fix post 80. You are quoting me saying something that you said, and while some might find the idea to be completely brilliant, I don’t want it attributed to me. It is a forum violation, and we’re all aware how well acquainted you are with those.


What does anthropomorphism mean?



What part of this is it you are having difficulty with?

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology.[Wikipedia]



Me? No trouble at all.

So now that you clearly understand what the term means, is Thomas a train or a rock?

As in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I gave you a lifeline and eliminated two of the incorrect answers.


He’s an anthropomorphized cartoon character. That hasn’t changed since the first time I stated it and it isn’t going to change.


The term anthropomorphism means that the cartoon character represents something.

So what does Thomas represent? What is Thomas?

If your answer is, “He’s a cartoon character,” then a cartoon character representing a cartoon character isn’t anthropomorphism. Instead, it’s a really interesting moebius strip of logic that I could ponder for days.

Please review the definition of anthropomorphism that you just linked for me to understand. And thanks for the assist, it was helpful.

So what does Thomas represent–train? rock?


We need more threads like this. This is like good food.


So instead answering my multiple-choice question by scribbling in option 5–“he’s a cartoon character”–you’re now ready in your I-wasn’t-wrong-it-was-so-obvious-all-along tone to admit that Thomas is supposed to be a train, right?

I know, I know, Thomas isn’t a real train. We’re not going to load real coal and lumber onto Thomas and sent him off to Fargo. We can all acknowledge at this point after careful study that Thomas is animated.

So, at post #105, can we get WildRose to go on record as recognizing, after intelligently deliberating all of the evidence–the photos of Thomas as a train, the cartoons of Thomas as a train, the creators’ determination to make Thomas look like a particular train, and the song in which Thomas repeats for dozens of times that he actually is a train–that Thomas is supposed to be a train?

Because I’d like to get back to your Hitler youth and Neo-Nazis remark. This was fun, but that’s going to be hilarious.

So: Thomas, train or rock?


Newsflash, I"m not under any obligation to answer your question using your own carefully crafted answers.


Carefully crafted?

I’m going to dumb it down to the level that a pre-kindergartner could answer.

In the cartoons, which we all know aren’t real, what is Thomas supposed to be?



Thanks, by the way. I needed this. You just made this day a good one.