NRA falls off the rails!


Are your feelings hurt that I posted something that makes the NRA look petty and foolish?

I apologize that I brought it up. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.


Hurt? I’m laughing my ass off at all of your pettiness and desperation for attention.


Well, he did, but he didn’t. I mean, it actually happened, but we’ll come to learn how it didn’t actually happen at all. Please be patient.


Ah, that’s good. We’re all laughing then. Your joke about the Hitler youth and the Neo-Nazis was classic.

I’m sure we’re all relieved that you were in on it.

At first, it looked like you were actually trying to make a serious comparison between those groups and a female Nigerian train, with due recognition of your point that writers of children’s literature are not permitted to give human qualities to trains.


You obviously dont know how Thomas works.


There was no joke it was a simple intellectual exercise that flew over your head.

The point was not missed by all however. It was clearly established that we all have standards and that not all “diversity” is good or acceptable.

That you missed it is no surprise.


Thomas is an anthropomorphized cartoon character, not a train.


Don’t mess with his groove. Let’s just accept the rules as we hear them.


He thinks he is a train. A cheeky one. So does Mr Toppenhat. Who is a person.


I probably Identify with Toppenhat only because im a boss. I would like to be like James.


Hmm, I rarely start threads so I’m not in it for attention. This story was on yahoo homepage.

Let’s contrast:

Wildrose: 9,600 posts, 31 created topics
Borgia: 1,700 posts, 8 topics created

I joined one day after you.


Oh, he’s not a fictionalized steam locomotive based on the E2 Class freight trains, as intended by the creators? What a funny mistake they made, making a cartoon that so closely resembles a train but isn’t one.


Please expand on your observation.

Here’s a shovel.


And I retired six years ago and can’t sleep.


Which of these words are giving you such difficulty?

Thomas is an anthropomorphized cartoon character, not a train.

An actual train possesses no human traits or characteristics.


Is Bugs Bunny supposed to be a rabbit–or is he just an anthropomorphized cartoon character, not a rabbit?

If your answer is no, he’s not a rabbit, you’re going to turn my perception of my childhood upside down.

I’ve been lied to.

You’ve got the answers. I need for you to clear this up.


Hope you’re enjoying retirement. And being able to retire as early as you did is awesome. Believe me, I’m jealous of that aspect.


I paid for it which is why I an’t sleep.

Chronic pain from spinal injuries is no fun, I’d gladly trade it for another 20 years of good health.

I don’t regret for a minute my years in service but they came with a pretty heavy cost.

Every other aspect of retirement I’ve enjoyed immensely and used it to gain another degree and many new certifications.


You might want to edit your post. I don’t want credit for that sentence, because I would never type it.

As an anthropomorphized character, what is Thomas?

___ A Rock

___ A Bunny Rabbit

___ A Tree

___ A Train

Have you ever read a children’s book, seen a cartoon, watched a children’s movie, or seen the Wizard of Oz?


Provide one example of an actual living, talking rabbit. If you can’t you have your answer.


A cartoon character.