NRA falls off the rails!


No. That’s too much diversity since viewers would find it objectionable. Is a female African train too much diversity? Do you think viewers would find it objectionable? Well, I know at least one viewer that finds it objectionable.


Ok you remain incapable of giving a straight answer to a very simple question

Either give us a straight answer or we’re done…


I don’t think Neo Nazi are a ethnicity.


And now the (((Globalists))) are ruining it.



Ok so we’ve established that even you don’t think all diversity is acceptable.

Everyone has different standards of what is and isnt’ acceptable.


Excellent comparison. Please expand on it.


Ya it was good stuff, my neice and nephew will love there being an African train. Will have to link a stream to my sister.


so what is unacceptable about a Female African train?


Ok we’re done. Thanks for once again proving you are incapable of giving a straight answer to a very simple question.


and we have again know that neither you or Dana have any idea what the point of the series of book was.


Ya, it’s totally normal to think an African character in a kids show is unacceptable.


Ok. We agree that there are limits on diversity.

Do you agree with Dana that an African girl train crosses the line?


I got plastic trains galore and can sing every song in the songbook with my 4 year old.


They are trying to reflect the surroundings of their fan base. Nothing wrong with that. Hmm who else does that?


who knew American where this passionate about British children television.


There was no objection to an African character being introduced. Try reading the quote posted above taken directly from her complaint.


Wow … Why can’t some just admit the NRA was wrong


She picked the wrong show seeing how since it founding the show has prompted diversity


You know, that was my first thought too when I was discovered that a female Nigerian train had been introduced to the show, too.

I thought, “A female Nigerian train? What sort of diversity is this? What’s next–Hitler youth groups? Neo Nazis?”

There is no acceptable response from the other side to this argument. It’s like the solution to a logic puzzle.



“There is too much diversity in this kids show!” - A totally normal complaint from a normal person.