NRA falls off the rails!


Can you imagine love of a political group so strong as to make you ‘neutral’ on the issue of KKK hoods and their racist overtones?



I prefer the George Carlin years


No one expects the Spanish Holy Week parade


while promoting his picture website and tell others it is not promotion. haha


Well, when your avatar is an NRA logo that looks like a woman’s bonnet, you have to defend everything they do.


I like KKK express.


You’re the hero we deserve.


Those are trains.


Just wait until he realizes that Rebecca the train is wearing a hijab.


Chugah chugah

Choooooooo choooooooo


Is a train voice that has a Kenyan accent too diverse for Dana? Or is it just the African pinstriping on the side of the train that she objects to?


Rebecca is going to turn out to be the real villain in this story.

You can tell from that sneaky smile that she’s planning to jump the tracks in Sioux City, which would actually be an improvement for Sioux City.


yeah. she’s a real nut job.


Wild Rose and the other brave NRA members are remaining neutral on this.

And so a nut job racist will continue to be their spokesperson.


Post of the day. Lol!


Oops…how do you undelete a post 0-o…I was trying to edit


Anyone with kids would know this. Anyone


Or anyone who has ever been a kid.


I didn’t know about NRA TV until this thread came along.

Apparently, Dana Loesch has hosted one season with a whopping 111 episodes–and counting–of a show with the appropriate title “Relentless.”

The first line of the commentary for her show says, “Dana Loesch is Relentless as she fights the lies of the agenda-driven media with the clenched fist of Truth.”

Apparently, each show is an hour long, commercial free.

Maybe she’s covered everything there is to cover, and the hoods on trains is her victory lap.


Or seen a cartoon