NRA falls off the rails!


I bet a lot of gun owners have names for their guns.


Agreed. The NRA’s spokesperson made about as stupid of a stand as is possible


The hooded train thread or the KKK express, we need to label this glorious thread


My goodness this thread is still going on lolol


Nice bank shot.


Hey you are making a big deal over nothing, She never said they where KKK hoods, she said white Hoods. She probably want them to include Spanish Holy Week parade.


It’s all in the wrist. :yum:


I have been “creeping” on this site since Lee Kington was the Admin. This is one of the best threads ever…


The thread has left the station


I hope this thread becomes like the next ron paul likes chocolate milk thread.




Might be as epic as the mattress thread.


Says the person who runs around demanding that people answer his questions.


That’s a high bar this one is still just a baby…but it’s got potential!


Hah! Lee would have disappeared this thread by now…with multiple warnings.


The only freak out is from Dana’s segment, Period.


Agreed, the obviously racist NRA spokesperson didn’t find the inclusion of an African train to be acceptable. #stopwhitetraingenocide


Neutral hood. That’s all.


I now designate this thread “The neutral KKK hood thread”.


You are the Chamberlin of KKK hoods.