NRA falls off the rails!


Tell them it’s just a neutral piece of fabric.


I just realized how badly calirepub needs to be in this thread. I’d love to see her take on all of this.


Well think about it. What if there was a Nazi train


The Hooded Trump Train!


That’s really funny.

Then I remembered the pics where racists had parties with their kids as they hung black men.


In his mind they are good people on both sides I guess.


Yeah. I almost didn’t post it. I didn’t like how dark it was.


I heart this thread. Rose digging in as usual.


300 posts on a cartoon?


Everyone has different opinions over what degree of post count is ok


Guess where more than half of the 300 posts came from. :joy:


It has been an unusual thread in some ways, and a predictable thread in one way.


You should skim through it, its a hoot.


I thought it had a chance to get really good when somebody typed something like, “Trains possess no human traits.”


Yes, a cartoon character. How absolutely pathetic is it that Loesch is complaining about a cartoon containing diversity.


Only if they’re marching or singing, which is what trains normally do.


oops. The “argument” just took a detour.


Dana dedicated a segment going bats crazy over a children’s show criticizing the new characters and putting Thomas and friends in KKK hoods, aired it on their broadcasting channel.

But hey if you call out her absurdity you are the crazy one!



Darth Vader was black.


It’s not like it’s being hidden anymore