NRA falls off the rails!


Racial bogeyman. Interesting take for KKK hoods on trains of a children’s show. Probably not the choice I would’ve made if I didn’t care about the topic.


What if Black Lives Matter came out against Rebecca, the other female train?

Good Lord, Fox News and this forum would explode.


I read your attempt at parsing how this has played out, and then I responded to it,

There is no controversy about this Thomas the Train business except for Dana creating the controversy on her show.


Right - if that sparks an ‘i don’t care’ reaction in you, then you in effect support it. You don’t care enough to condemn it, therefore, your voice will not help stop such behavior, and you are ok with that.

That is support for it.

And lets just restate it, as you have here.

You do not care that someone dressed up trains in KKK hoods in response to the addition of an african character.

That is who you are. A man who doesn’t care about a racist action.

Congratulations. Your dedication to your little gun cult is complete. You now truly have no soul or conscious. you are part of the collective, fully melded with Dana Loesch, who in turn is fully melded to the org.


Apparently not. she’s not freaking out about her segment on her own show.

You folks are dong that here.


She is comfortable in her racism…


Yeah, I love that…‘gee, this overly sensitive racial provocateurs are really digging in to the minutiae here…I mean, a KKK hood as a sign of racist attitudes? What a stretch! I’ll continue not caring about this until someone does something REALLY racist.’


The SEGMENT ITSELF is an overreaction to a big nothing burger. It SHOULD be a nothing burger, but thanks to Dana’s segment, it’s a race burger.

No, the fact that she ran with this segment in the first place is the problem. The segment is absurd, and this thread exists to call her on that. And you’ve been here since the early hours of the morning defending her.


“Idiots who are obsessed looking for the racial boogeyman who will find him where every [sic] they look no matter what.” WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! Seeing racism in KKK hoods!!! GEESH!


You sir, just won this thread.


Why would she freak out? She’s already put her message out that adding a female African character to the Thomas show was too much to bear.

Now, Wildrose doesn’t care but it’s clear Dana does and she thinks her NRAtv watching audience will similarly care. I guess Wildrose is very different than his NRA brethren.


The fact remains that’s what I stated originally and apparently none of you actually bothered to read it.

This whole freak out is laughable.


Oh…we’re laughing, alright. :rofl:


A pefect example of the extremist mindset.

There is nothing but extremes, neutrality no longer exists in your minds.

Brilliant demonstration, thanks.


A backpack is just a backpack.
A map is just a map.


currently we have these three threads running simultaneously…

  • make three extra shekels
  • african cartoon character/trains wearing kkk hoods
  • not that many puerto ricans died


On second thought, I guess KKK hoods don’t mean much. I walked through town with one on and the folks just laughed and laughed.

Sure, in weaker moments, those hoods tend to remind me of negative events from the past. Snowflakes might call them racially tinged events. I don’t bother with such extremists and their sensitive reactions to symbols of white supremacy, group-led lynchings, and such. I just push it down and think about golf or target practice.

Dana’s program inspired thought, which is rare for me. It showed me a picture that’ll make a child say, “Why is a white hood on that train, daddy?” and then it’ll become an educational moment–which is what parenting is all about, you know, telling your kid how to think–and I’ll teach him about libs and how hysterical they can get, and then we’ll both laugh and laugh.

Well, I’ll laugh and laugh, and my kid will kind of stare at me in that way that he does.


What is neutral about putting KKK hoods on in response to an african character being added to the show?

I can’t think of a symbol as far from neutral as a KKK hood.

You’re delusional in your lust to protect the NRA from any criticism.

A KKK hood is not neutral. That’s the reality here.


KKK hoods= Neutral. :rofl:


■■■■■■■ pathetic, isn’t it?