NRA falls off the rails!


That’s why you are defending her actions. because you don’t care.

Yeah, right.


My first reaction feels instinctual. Disgust, aversion. It must be based in morality. Either that, or the libs updated my programming in my sleep again.

My second reaction is to think that this Dana woman must either be unintelligent and/or a manipulator of people already susceptible to believing almost anything she says . . . because guns? Who knows?

The bits of that segment that I saw were face-smashing-on-rock dumb, and after that I question the intelligence of anyone who takes her seriously.


Hasn’t he just made dozens of posts telling you that?


There is no mention or indication of support, only my take on why she’s doing it.


Exactly. I mean everyone has different tastes!!


He said he doesnt have an opinion on it. Think about that. He cant decide if a girl African in a cartoon is ok.


I think it’s okay. Actually, I didn’t think about it. It’s still okay.

I don’t know why it’s something to think about.


What on earth are you on about?

SHE ran the segment on HER show on NRATV. SHE created this controversy.


So telling


You mean Bugs Anthropomorphic Cartoon Character.


I like your posts.


Don’t surprise me none.


Try reading what was actually written and then respond.


I like your posts, too!


NOT condemning something like putting KKK hoods on trains in response to the addition of an african train is equivalent to tepid support.

You will say ‘it is no such thing’ but then you will fail to condemn the overtly racist segment we all can see. And the opposite of condemnation is support.


After a second reading of this thread, the idea that I’m stuck with is that now I really want to see a live, talking rabbit.


It’s I don’t care which is exactly what i stated, the position is completely neutral by definition.

That piece will have zero impact on anyone’s life except for idiots who are obsessed looking for the racial boogeyman who will find him where every they look no matter what.


Yeah, I feel a bit sorry for Dana and her obsession.


I think I klan
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I’ve definitely met people who would be pissed that an African character was added to a cartoon. Maybe I’ve met that NRA woman.