NRA falls off the rails!


i’m going to break some people’s hearts with this one…

it’s not real.

(runs away)


very cult like.


Any questions?


What exactly have i defended. Cite the posts.


You are unhinged and yelling at clouds about anthormorphism in kids shows, but never mind, please don’t stop.

It adds to your “mystique “ on this forum :joy:


So you think it’s perfectly normal for adults to put children’s story characters in KKK hoods because they’re outraged that story has added an African character?


That’s the theme of the thread.

It’d be like if Domino’s introduced a new pizza topping–chorizo, say–and somebody came into a thread about it saying, “Chorizo, chorizo? Is that an acceptable topping? Well, what about human fingers, is that an acceptable topping too?” and we had an accompanying video of human fingers photoshopped onto a pizza and everybody gave each other a quick glance and understood, Yes, this is a moment.


True dat.



Thats a lot of effort for trolling. Is having a girl african (not)train unacceptable diversity?


Maybe we’ve dismissed a good idea too quickly.

What if Thomas did introduce a Hitler youth group train?

We could call him Don.

How could we do it in a culturally appropriate way that might appeal to the little ones–by which I mean children, not tiny klansmen?

If we were in a room together, I’d be standing in front of a whiteboard, marker in hand.


Not at all.
Your thought process is clearly demonstrating something bordering on insanity, with a large dose of arrogance. At least it appears that way.

Entertaining, but a bit concerning as well.


So, to be clear, you have no opinion on someone dressing trains in KKK hoods in response to the addition of an african train?

You have no opinion on that?


Once again you cannot support your claim.

What a shock.


I couldn’t care less.


You be you! :joy:


I’m sure she’s just hanging on every word typed here.


Trolling? That’s trolling?

See, when you say things like this, you are SUPPORTING the act. You will then claim you said no such thing, but your posts reveal that you do in fact support the KKK stunt.


Ah…default position to explain the unexplainable…“he/she was just trolling you”…same level of kids getting caught saying “I was just playing”.


And dead too.


I was offended when they made Seamus the drunken bar car an Irishman, but that’s for another day.

My girls like Thomas. They’ll dig the new female trains.