NRA falls off the rails!


That’s not the oddest part of this thread, but it is goofy enough to confuse me.

Dana makes a TV segment about the show, and in the minds of some–one?–apparently she’s not whining angrily about it.

Borgia takes–what, three minutes?–to make this thread, and Borgia is whining.

Bugs Bunny would have a great one-liner to end this post.


Oh - see, I was thrown off by your staunch defense of Loesch and your bizarre defense that adding a female african train was somehow similar to adding a nazi train.

Let’s just keep it simple - easy yes or no question.

Do you agree with NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch that adding the two female trains, including one that is african, is a step too far re: diversity?

Second simple yes or no question - do you think responding to the addition of an african train by photo shopping KKK masks on the trains is in offensive and racist?


This could get as good as Wavy Lays, IMO


Well, let’s see…is Rebecca a jew? That would give use something to work with.


I’ve done nothing you are claiming above.

Try something truthful for a change.

What I have said repeatedly is that I have no opinion on the subject at all other than it’s stupid.




Your question was odd, because everyone would of course say no, putting neo-Nazis or Hitler youth groups, as you said, into a cartoon, in a way similar to what Dana photoshopped, is not acceptable for painfully obvious reasons.

In my opinion, what really has the attention and curiosity of some of us peaked is why you would think to make such a strange observation about white supremacist groups in the first place.

The strangeness of your post aside, I think that putting two new female trains into a cartoon about trains seems normal, as long as they don’t want to wear white hoods and kill black trains.


What normal person ever would lol


How many posts in the thread now…this thread about something you have no opinion on, thinking the whole thing is stupid?


Thank you for confirming my point.

Not all diversity is acceptable.


Which as I said is a completely useless “point” outside of you obviously trying to defend the NRA person by equating African inclusion to Nazi inclusion. It’s pretty obvious what you are doing.


it was the point of the exchange to which I replied which I quoted for you.


Dude. The KKK image of the trains was made by Dana and the NRA for their show. They thought it was funny, or something. Because Dana’s mad about the African train.


No I think she’s just enjoying trolling all of you.


It’s a kid show… jesus.


Wow thanks for that tidbit, no one else would have ever guessed it.


Oh, you’ve said a whole lot more than that. For one, you’ve waxed philosophical about whether cartoon characters can truly represent anything other than cartoon characters, as if they’re all unidentifiable blobs.

If it goes choo choo and moves on a train track, is it a fish?

Who’s to say?

Bugs Bunny wasn’t from Brooklyn, because a rabbit wouldn’t survive five minutes there without ending up on a stick.


Repeating it doesnt make it true


The facts make it true and are shown in the quote.


Must. Defend. NRA. At. All. Costs.

Good little bot.