NRA falls off the rails!


Why is the NRA weighing in on a decision by the kids TV show, Thomas and Friends, to diversify its lineup. What does that have to do with guns? Further, why do they care at all?


They have had diversity in the show since its founding mostly the ethnicity of the UK (Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish) each having their own train.


Try reading your own article.

“I’m really, really struggling to understand how in the world there isn’t any diversity in any of this,” she said as the controversial image of the trains, in KKK hoods, on burning tracks appeared. “Oh, I see it — it was the white hoods. And the burning train tracks. OK, fine, fair point. Fair. I get it. Thomas the Tank Engine has been a blight on race relations for far too long. Clearly this is overdue. Right? Seriously? With trains?”

Loesch has young kids and discusses topic relative to same. She talks about a great many things other than guns but you’d only know that if you actually listened to her instead of trolling the net for tidbits posted by others you can post here to rant about.


She is complaining about them adding a African Train to a show.

  1. What’s Dana so upset about?
  2. So the NRA is just another conservative group now? It’s mission is supporting conservatism? I was under the impression it was focused on 2nd amendment issues?


And people say SJW’s are uptight and ridiculously oversensitive :laughing:.

Who gets upset about this kind of ■■■■?


Ya was gonna say, it’s looked like the NRA has been trying to rebrand itself as more of a conservative firebreathing punditry org than a non-partisan gun rights org for a while now.

Maybe they think there’s more money/influence to be had by going down that route.


did they get this upset when they added Luke the Irish train or Edward the Scottish train?


I guess there is acceptable diversity and non-acceptable diversity.


Can you not read the quoted material?


Would you consider adding marching Neo Nazis to the show as acceptable diversity?

How about Hitler Youth groups singing praises to their leader? Would that be acceptable diversity to you?


Ya, they photo-shopped a balaclava and a couple of bombs onto the Irish trains, and a box of greasy fried food with a couple used needles when they introduced the Scot.



Your comparing African to Neo Nazis?


I know you find it horribly difficult but how about just once you try giving a straight answer to the question?


Why are people upset about their being an African train, in a show that has since 1940 pushed ethic diversity.


Slow News day guess. Dana doesnt like trains. Doesnt like girl trains. Doesnt like African trains. Dont worry Dana. The show isnt for you. Its for kids. And kids like African girl trains… A lot. Good Times. Change the channel Dana. Try talking about Hillary or Obama like rest of your evil ilk.


Nah, it’s all a plot by Soros to push “diversity” as a strength.

#whitetraingenocide #itsoktobeawhitetrain


So your really doubling down on this strawman of comparing adding a African character to a long running series that has prompted ethnic diversity to Nazi.

well how about this Rose you can write your own series of children book.


Remember when Ringo star was the conductor on the show? good times.


I have the original series of books on my shelf good childhood memories.