Now you see Gowdy, now you don't

I think this may be a new record for shortest tenure in the Trump administration. Due to lobbying rules, it appears that Trey Gowdy won’t be joining Team Trump after all.

Farewell Trey - we barely knew you…

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See ya in less than 90 days Trey.

One part of the evil married duo weighed in on Gowdy and was less than impressed. I’d be surprised if we see Trey making any pro-Trump legal appearances in the future.


Probably don’t want to hire the lawyer who doesn’t even understand basic rules.


At this point, I think he’s scared off a lot of good lawyers.

Im guessing Trey was successful at worming his way away from the stinking gutter goo.

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Not a cult.


By then, Fat donald would already be impeached. :rofl:

Let’s bet a large pizza on that potential outcome? You game? :sunglasses:

■■■■ the pizza, let’s do an avi bet (if allowed)
If fat donald does/does not get impeached in six months (April 14th) the loser has to use the winner’s avi choice.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…now that you’ve been called out…it’s time to move the goal posts. Don’t be a chicken ■■■■■ Put your money where your mouth is? Trey is eligable in January…I made my post and you made yours. Now put up…or shut up?

Here is a bet. Which happens first.

Trump impeachment or Trey Gowdy working for trump.


January? Let’s do this thing!
How about Jan 14th…avi bet. You in?

Yeah man and thanks. Regardless of who wins, it makes life more interesting…but it’s pizza? :sunglasses:

Not a pizza guy, i prefer an avi bet (1 week). You in?

It’s an avi bet if you win and a pizza if I win? I’d get much more enjoyment out of a pizza.

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Trump needs to hire Kris Kobach. That guy would fellate a sheep to serve this president and, hey, maybe earn another chance to disenfranchise more black voters!


I hear Pelosi but what’s a zillion…times zero? She can yell and scream impeachment right along with Maxine but…the Senate must vote to impeach Trump and it won’t happen.