Now We Know Why The Fear of Biden by Trumpkins

Fox news ran a poll and the top 3 Democrats contenders all beat Trump. But Biden beats him easily.

How long until someone posts about Biden being senile, stutters or hugs women? While avoiding the situation.


In such a case, all Biden has to pull out the recording about Trump bragging about grabbing women by the ■■■■■■ then say “yeah, and your point is?”

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Meh, its too early to really take this poll seriously.

Once the Dem candidate is determined, I’m sure Trump’s team will dig up as much dirt as he can. And if it’s Biden, there’s a lot to use. Whether it sticks is up to Americans.

Trumps FBI should open a counterintel investigation against him just in case.


Oh and I seem to remember Hillary looking pretty good against Trump in early polling.

September 2015

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in a general election match-up if the election were held today, a new poll shows.

Clinton beats Trump, 49% to 39%, head-to-head.

May 2015


50 - 32 percent over Trump.

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But go ahead and bet it all on Biden, the, I forget, is it two or three time loser in the category of running for President?

They have been doing all they and their base know how to do. Name call and make memes.

Biden has centrist appeal, the Obama’s will campaign for him and he seems to connect with people.

Biden may be the one democrat I would actually vote for for president - and I’ve never voted for a democrat as president before. But, in an election against Trump - yeah, I would consider it.


Lol, the left decrying name calling in politics, too funny.


Just like Reagan!

I had Fox and Friends on in the car and even they were saying Biden is not a Socialist and is more Moderate, and they call everyone on the Left a Socialist!

Umm no, Reagan lost one prior bid and it was a primary challenge against his own parties incumbent and came close to pulling it off.

Biden ran twice, dropping out after his plagiarism came to light in the first and finishing 5th the second time around.

So nothing like Reagan, not remotely.

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Big difference now it is Trump has a record of how he governs…

Ummmmmm no, Reagan ran in 68’ and 76’ before winning the nomination in 80’.

So everything like Reagan, get your facts straight.


See the difference here, is that Trump is now a known entity. A lot of people were giving him the benefit of the doubt that he wouldn’t be as awful when he became president. Well now they know. And Biden is also a known entity. And I know you won’t believe this, but people generally like Biden. Even Republicans politicians who have worked with Biden over the years generally like him and can get along with him and have gotten things done with him. So we’re dealing with two politicians that most Americans know. And they generally like one a whole lot more than the other. And that’s with a decent economy. So we’ll see. But it’s not the same comparison as Hillary/Trump.

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And Clinton idiotically ignored the Rust Belt, which is where Trump ran away with this. By 70,000 votes. That will not happen again.

Have they told Biden he is a moderate?

from Biden Says He’s The ‘Most Progressive’ Democrat As He Almost Announces His 2020 Candidacy | The Daily Caller

“I’m told I get criticized by the ‘New Left,’” Biden told the audience. “I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the … anybody who would run.”

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Meh, he didn’t actually run in '68, he threw his hat in the ring at the convention. And no, still nothing like Reagan.

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Reagan tried twice, and then won the nomination.

Biden has tried twice, and hopes to win the nomination.

Not so unlike.